Prayer Requests


Need Prayer?

At some time in our lives, we ALL need prayer. This is something that we should never be afraid of asking for and that is why we offer you a place to come and request prayer. It could be for you, your family, a friend or just anyone that feel might need the power of prayer in their lives. Remember God Answers Prayers (GAP), but you need to humble yourself enough to ask for that prayer.

Below is a prayer request form that you can feel free to use to submit your prayer request to us and we will as a group prayer for you as well as pass your request onto  the GAP line which is a group of hundreds of people who pray together for all those who send in their requests.

Please at add at least the first name of the person that you are requesting prayer for. Thank you and God Bless!

Your Prayers Are Also Needed

Please pray for those on the GAP prayer list. The same list that your request will also be on! Just click on the word GAP below to see who needs prayer.



2 responses to “Prayer Requests

  1. God Answers Prayers; 17 years ago my Father underwent Open Heart Surgery. I didn’t know where to turn for emotional support, so I called my friend Sister Grace. We prayed together over the phone and it provided much comfort to me. I was then inspired to start a Prayer Chain for others at St. Therese and the 1st prayer request I received was for a man going in for Open Heart Surgery! I knew right then and there….it was confirmation from God that praying really does make a difference.

    • That definitely shows the Holy Spirit at work there! Thanks for sharing. Your prayer request by the way was sent onto St. Joe’s GAP line which has about 400 members including Fr. John.

      God Bless

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