See Each Other Through the Eyes of Christ

broken14Imagine this two teen girls. One of the girls is very strong and healthy. The other teen has never even been out of her wheelchair to know what freedom us, like the other teen. She sits in her wheelchair watching the world and faces not jus emotional challenges that arise from it and just common challenges of normal life, she also experiences physical pains and struggles on top of that.

However, when you look at both of the girls, they both are smiling and filled with joy as they come together and enjoy each other’s company. Two beautiful young girls who see only in each other what they truly are, friends and they treasure that friendship.

Jesus was one who devoted a lot of His time and attention to people just like the young girl in the wheelchair. He befriended many people with lifelong disabilities or physical deformities as well as those who were looked down on by others for a variety of reasons. In fact, Jesus let one of “those people” anoint Him with oil, to the disdain of the religious leaders. On another occasion, when a woman demonstrated her love with a similar act, Jesus told her critics, “Leave her alone…She has done a beautiful thing to me.” (Mark 14:6)

God values everyone equally; there are no distinctions in His eyes. In reality, we are all in desperate need of Christ’s love and forgiveness. His love compelled Him to die on the cross for us.

May we see each person as Jesus did: made in God’s image and worthy of His love. Let’s treat everyone we meet with Christlike equality and learn to see beauty as He does.

Dear Lord,

Help me to see people as You see them, not important because of what they can do or how they look, but because they are made in God’s image and You loved them enough to die for them.



Enough is Enough!

First off I apologize for not writing for a while, just been busy and distracted. Will try from now on to post more often, hopefully, that is, no promises written in stone, though. LOL

I’m writing this post because as a Christian and just person, in general, I am totally fed up with what is going on in this country since the outcome of our presidential election! Any Christian in this country should be outraged by the behavior of many of the people in this country. The reaction to the outcome has been not only immature but deplorable! The campaign, especially for Hillary Clinton and her goons, was bad enough. But the toxic reaction to the process of democracy is beyond reproach!

This country was founded on our Christian beliefs and we’ve been taught love, patience, and tolerance towards all people, but there comes a time when enough is enough! The people out there rioting and protesting in the streets tend to only understand the meaning of tolerance when it serves their own self-indulgences and beliefs, and not that of the other side. Those who are responsible for all this negative reaction and literal hate in the streets cannot handle it when they simply don’t get their way. It’s a sure sign that they clearly do not understand how our democracy works. Their behavior is intolerable and is an outright embarrassment to this country! As good Christians, none of us should condone such behavior!

Their inability to understand how our democracy works is also an embarrassment to this country and anyone with an ounce of brains! Whining over and over again about how Clinton won the popular vote. This is true, by a mere 400,000 votes. But that simply means nothing if you do not win the majority of the electoral votes! When a candidate wins more states with higher electoral votes (which also means they won popular in those states), they have won the election fair and square. No ifs, and’s, or buts about it. The founding fathers of our country were not just men who were great thinkers of their times, they were able to predict the possibility of major issues of the popular vote as our country grew in population. They realized that continuing with a popular vote could lead to opening the door to rigged elections and the possibility of the system being bogged down by mandatory recounts over and over again.

They are out there proclaiming “Love Trumps Hate” over and over again. A set of words that truly doesn’t make much sense. But, through their actions and reactions, who are the real haters in all of this?

Rioters in Portland, Oregon

Days of riots in the city of Portland making national news is enough for anyone with common sense to want to not associate themselves with this city. I know, that I for one, am extremely glad that I no longer live there because I’d be ashamed of telling anyone that’s where I lived. During those riots I was driving down the main street of Redmond, Oregon, where I live now and as far as the eye could see on every street, they were lined with American flags. Boldly and proudly. How relieved I was that this was where I was and not in Portland. I felt proud to live in a city so proud to be part of this country of ours. No wonder they won the honor of being called “Flag City USA”!

Those who participated in those riots in Portland are all criminals whether they want to believe it or not. Our constitution does allow for peaceful protest, in fact, peaceful protest is encouraged. However, when a peaceful protest turns into violence, especially political violence, it is considered by the constitution as unlawful assembly considered anarchy! Most offenders of anarchy if brought to justice will find themselves serving a minimum sentence of five years in a federal prison! But, with Portland being titled one of the most liberal cities in this country, not one of them will spend any real time in jail for the havoc and damage they did to the property of innocent people just trying to make a living! This is not acceptable behavior and it’s as far from Christian behavior as you can get.

And where were the horrible and scary Trump supporters so often talked about by the mainstream media? Where was their violent reaction to this mess? Hmmm. Didn’t happen, did it?

So, tell me, who are the real haters here?



















True Fact: 71% of those who rioted in Portland didn’t even vote!!!!

What about personal attacks on people just because they may have voted against these bleeding heart cry babies in the streets? This type of personal terrorism was predicted how Trump’s people would react to Hillary winning. These attacks have been all over the place with one, in particular, receiving most of the attention, with reactions by the mainstream media showing understanding and tolerance for their behavior.


The man lost his car and no one has been arrested and doubt there will be.

For a whole list of videos on attacks Click Here before and after the election on those supporting Trump.

On the other side of the coin, there is a Trump supporter that seems to be bigger news than any of the other attacks on a Trump protester.



This man, of course, was arrested right away.

So, please tell me who the real haters are!

I don’t condone any of the behavior in any of these videos, all ignorant and non-productive. My point is this…who are the true haters in all of this?!

Emotionally Distraught Over Election

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-14308-am-e1478673840115To me, this is just as insane as the protests, attacks, and riots. Are you kidding me? Are we as a people creating generations to come that can’t even handle the simplest of things such as an election outcome?!

All over the country, we see young people being allowed to skip exams, walk out of class and have cry-ins because they are so distraught over a simple election! Look, I get it, they’re upset. But get a grip here! It was just an election and not the end of the world! If these kids can’t handle the news of an election outcome how will they ever be handle real adversity in their lives?

Campuses setting up “safe zones” where they can go to express how they are feeling and to try and come to grip with the reality of it all. Dogs and puppies brought in for comfort and professors going around with stupid safety pins on their clothes to indicate that they’re a “safe person” to talk to. Are you serious!!! I’m sorry, this is beyond ludicrous! We’re creating a generation of cream puffs who don’t have the first idea of what life is really like!

Get over it. Your side lost, it’s the way democracy works! This generation is nothing but a bunch of undisciplined spoiled brats that believe they are entitled to what they want when they want it. News flash! That’s not the way life works and it’s about time you learn that!

Sanctuary Cities

Look, I get it. They want to protect those they have promised will be protected from deportation. I believe people have a right to be here if they want to truly be a part of this country. However, like those before us, they came here searching for freedom but at the same time, they legally came here and became American citizens. I have nothing against that. However, if they are both illegal and criminals, they have absolutely NO right under the constitution or federal law to be here. This is the point that these mayors in these sanctuary cities are missing altogether! Trump is not calling to deport every single illegal in this country. This is what mainstream media wants you to believe. He wants to rid us of dangerous criminals! It is beyond arrogance that the mayors of these cities think they have the right to pick and choose which laws they will or will not follow! How far do you think you or I would get if we decided to pick and choose which laws we want to follow? As a leader of their people of their cities, the number one responsibility is to take care of your own first and then others second. But they don’t tend to believe that in these cities. Chicago is a key example. They care more about protecting the illegals including ones who are criminals than they do their own citizens. This is blatantly proven by the 2 murders a day that Chicago has now become famous for. They have the highest murder rate of any city in history! That is not how you protect your own!

Finally to All Those Whining Celebrities

For all of you, celebrities out there crying and whining about this election and keep threatening to leave the country. Here is what I say. You’ve got the money, why wait? Do it. What have you ever done to help improve the quality of life for me or anyone else in this country? Leave and I say good riddance. And by the way, I’ll even help you pack your bags free of charge!

Special Note to Colin Kaepernick

Mr. Kaepernick, you a man who has truly made his point clear at the expense of the NFL. This is what I have to say to you. So, you didn’t vote? After all that whining and complaining about the oppression of the black man and all the unfairness of this government, you don’t vote? Are you kidding me?! You are the poster boy of what it means to be a true hypocrite! You hate it so much here, then you too can find the door and leave. You have no issues with accepting all the opportunities that have been given you through the freedoms of this country and living a good and comfortable life while others around you suffer. By your disrespect of the flag and national anthem do you realize that you not only offend the white people who have fought so hard to give your these freedoms but you also spit on the graves of many black men and women who have given up their lives for you?! Here’s my suggestion to you Kaepernick. Move to one of those Muslim countries that have plenty of oppressed people to fight for and take your same attitude toward the oppressors of the oppressed and see just how long you would be welcome there. In fact, see where you might end up with the attitude you have. My prediction would be six feet under if they even gave you the dignity of a grave!

The reality of all of this is that this nation needs to come together as one nation and don’t pay attention to the garbage spewing from those who have no respect for what this country stands for and only want to see it come to its knees under their distorted and often un-Christian beliefs. We were founded on those beliefs and we as Christians must hold onto them now more than ever.

A pastor of a Baptist church in Dallas, Texas has had anti-Trump protesters in front of his church for days now and this is what he said about them. “We will treat them with Christian kindness and go on with life. We understand that peoples ideas change, that culture changes, but we stand strong in our belief that the Word of God never changes!”

Amen to that!