Beware of “Black Lives Matter”

all-lives-matter-366x366“Black Lives Matter” or BLM is not some cutesy slogan or protest mantra. Unfortunately, there are too many unaware Christians and non-Christians who seem to shrug it off as being just that. Some “in thing” that a group of people are just throwing out there. Truth be known that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you think that the QB Colin Kaepernick just chose to do some cute little protest on the sidelines because he’s just some disgruntled NFL player who got benched, you’d better think again. Black Lives Matter is NOT a simple protest slogan, in fact it’s not even close. BLM is a militant, racially motivated group of people who are directly intertwined with the radical beliefs of Islamic activists. Kaepernick chose to convert to the Muslim faith because the woman he is going to marry told him he had to. She is a huge member in the BLM movement as well as a well known radical Islamic activist. Nessa Diab is the driving force behind his change in attitude and his outward hatred toward this country.

As a Christian, you are fooling yourself if you think this is some harmless attempt at some sort of simple political protest. Because it’s not. The beliefs of this BLM organization attacks the very heart of our Christian faith. Their goals are not to stand up for the oppressed but to hit the heart of this nation and rip it out. They have no love for white people, no love for Christians, no love for this country and anyone who serves it whether it be first responders or the military. They have total disregard and utter disrespect for anyone and anything that has to do with our country and our Christian faith.

Furthermore, these so called “role models” who play for the NFL and are following what Mr. Kaepernick has started with his total disrespect of the flag, the national anthem and all who serve, are sending the wrong message to kids who look up to them. By the NFL allowing such behavior and even the President and Clinton condoning Mr. Kaepernicks right to express his opinions in such a negative fashion on national television isn’t helping this country or it’s future! The NFL by ignoring such a racial attack on others in this country, makes them just as big a part of the danger that the BLM poses for this country. History shows us that great civilizations often don’t fall because of outside forces, but instead fall because of inner turmoil. The Roman Empire is the finest example of this. Rome did not fall due to being overrun by enemies, it fell because of inner turmoil. This is the goal of the BLM. They want to be part of the fall of this country. They desire to see the total destruction of the republic of our nation and all that it once stood for!

As a Christian and if you are also a patriotic American, you should be outraged by what the BLM stands for and what their purpose is. They don’t care about real black lives and how important each individual is, all they want is to mold this country into something it was never meant to be. This country was founded on Christian beliefs and they are the ones that need to deal with it, not destroy it. If they don’t like what this country was built on, then I calmly say, “Get out and find a place that suits you better.”

I also say that Colin Kaepernick and his followers need to stop using the NFL as their personal podium to further their own agendas! I also say that the NFL needs to stop allowing such disrespectful behavior. If you can’t allow a player to get excited over a touchdown and they are penalized for celebrating, how can you even think of allowing such behavior as Kaepernicks to continue?! That’s insane! The NFL needs to get it’s priorities straight!

It’s time to wake up people and stop just letting others attack our beliefs and take away our rights as Christian Americans! If we sit back and do nothing there will be nothing worth saving in this country. It has to stop and it needs to start with us!

As far as “Black Lives Matter” that’s just plain bull. Because as a Christian, I believe that “All Lives Matter”!




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