Short Lesson

Trust-building-blocksAs Christians we are called by Christ to love everyone including our enemies. For most of us that seems a tall order, even though we all know that’s exactly what Christ did when He died for us on the cross, He not only loved His enemies but He forgave them for all that they had done to Him and continued to do. Yes, Christ is perfect and we as mere humans are as far from perfect as you can get. However, He continues to encourage us to try and love everyone as He loves.

As a Christian, I do honestly try to follow that request of Jesus, I try not to judge, I try to fair with everyone, always trying to give each person I meet the benefit of a doubt, try to love them to the best of my ability. However, in the world today, the society in which we find ourselves living it, it is often a very difficult task to undertake. So many innocent people keep getting killed here and around the world by so many different terrorists that claim they do it all in the name of their God, because we are infidels and need to be bent to their will or be killed. That is what I have problems with. It’s hard to love people who believe like that and I’m sure that is how a lot of you feel.

As much as I try to not judge those who are of the Muslim faith, at times I admit that it is difficult for me to feel comfortable around anyone who is Muslim, I feel a lack of trust there. It’s just hard. Unfortunately that is probably the way far too many of us feel. It is sad that those who have had nothing to do with all the threats and deaths are put in the same group as the radicals, but in reality, that’s human nature, I realize that. But still, even though I know it’s wrong, I still find it difficult to let go of that distrust.

Christ knows this and He wants to try and teach me and you that we still need to try and rise above this fear and step out on a limb and trust.

I know this because just recently He taught me a short lesson that has opened my eyes.

I recently picked up a client that I freelance write for and by his name a lone I figured he was Muslim but didn’t say anything, because a job is a job. I found out that he’s from Baltimore, MD and was born and raised here, parents are Americans as well. Of course some of the terrorists have been US citizens as we all know. But I did my best to shake it off, but still it was there an underlying distrust. Then just yesterday, he told me he’d be busy for a couple of days with celebrating Ramadan and I politely told him to enjoy his holiday because I understood the importance of certain big holidays, told him how important Christmas and Easter were to me and my faith. His reply to me, stunned me, this is what he said to me. “Oh, I too love those holidays because I love Jesus!” Wow, if you don’t think that wasn’t Christ talking to me then I don’t know who it was. It opened my eyes and it definitely softened my heart.

We all need to try and listen to Christ more, I’m the first to admit it, because He has a lot to teach us. We need to rely on Him more and trust in Him so that we can learn to trust others and show them the same mercy as He shows each one of us.

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