Spiritual Thirst

thirstBlessed are they who hunger and thirst…for they will be satisfied.” (Matthew 5:6)

What if you have been wandering for quite some time in a very hot and dry desert. No doubt you are going to be quite thirsty. Then you see a well in the distance but you are not sure if there will be water in it, however, that doesn’t matter because you are desperate to quench your thirst so you run to the well with all the strength you have left in the hope that there is water in this well. That is what real thirst can look like.

If you read Matthew 5:1-12 you will discover that Jesus talks about another kind of thirst that we all have and that is spiritual thirst. Those who have a great spiritual thirst however, are not compared to a person who is desperately thirsting for water by Jesus. Those who have a spiritual thirst are called “blessed” instead by Jesus. He says that they are happy and this kind of thirsty person finds themselves in a good place.

All of us whether we realize it or not have that same spiritual thirst within us and it is a thirst or hunger that only God can fill and satisfy. Whether we realize it or not, we all have a need or longing to be close to Him and to be filled with His life and His love. Jesus knows this all too well and is always trying to help us realize the truth about this spiritual thirst we often misunderstand. This is one of the main reasons why He offered the Samaritan woman at the well a taste of His “living water”. He knew that the fulfillment she had been looking for in the various marriages she had was not giving here what her soul was truly looking for and this is why He offered her what she needed. This is also why He had such a long conversation with this woman, He truly wanted to help here to recognize her thirst and to discover where she could get it satisfied.

Jesus is always there waiting and willing to give us a drink. He is more than eager to help fill us up with His living water and not the waters of the world that are so lacking. Just like with the woman at the well, He also wants us to learn to recognize our spiritual thirst and just how thirsty we really are. With regular water we are told by doctors that we should drink plenty of water to stay healthy, up to a gallon a day if need be. However, we should never wait till we are totally parched and thirsty when we do drink, we just need to just keep drinking even if we don’t feel the thirst. It is no different with Jesus. We always need His living water and we need to continually drink of it whether we feel the need or thirst for it.

You can never drink too much of His living water either and don’t worry, if you go to the Lord and tell Him you are thirsty He will never reject your request to be satisfied. In fact it will be just the exact opposite, He will rejoice in the fact that you have come to Him with your thirst. He loves nothing better than to fill us up, He loves to refresh our spirits, He desires to keep us spiritually healthy. So, don’t be afraid, drink all that you can and never stop!


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