God is Love

godislove“He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” (1 John 4:8)

The Love of God

There are many in this world who would look at those who believe these three words “God is love” as being foolish and just dreamers talking of love when murder, war, famine, lust, pestilence and selfish cruelty abounds on this earth.

But, it is the beauty of faith that says “God is love”, in spite of all appearances to the contrary.

No matter how often our faith in such an announcement has been clouded, no matter how often the pain and suffering of the moment has made us speak carelessly, this statement has carried its own evidence persistently, God is love. Even if the future holds difficulties we cannot not allow ourselves to become fearful. Whatever and whoever we might lose faith in, we cannot let our faith slip away from us because God is love. We need to whisper this to our hearts in any hour of darkness as well as in times of happiness and light. We need to continue to live in the belief of it, sing it with joy in our hearts until the whole world around us gets it.

We need to realize that the world does not encourage us to sing, but God does. Song is the sign of an unburdened heart, so we need to choose to sing our songs of love freely, rising ever higher and higher into a fuller understanding of the greatest, grandest fact on the stage of time…God is love!

What a lot of people fail to understand is that God and love are synonymous. Love is not an attribute of God, it IS God, whatever God is, love is. If your conception of love does not agree with justice, judgment, purity, and holiness, then your idea of love is wrong.

God is Love – In His Very Nature

In Creation – The love of God gives us a new way of seeing nature. His voice is on the rolling air, we see Him in the rising sun, and in the setting. He is fair. In the singing of the birds, in the love of human hearts, the voice of God is present.

In His Wisdom – God did not create humans as puppets to please a desire of His own. He created us out of His overflowing love and goodness, and He made us able to receive all the blessedness which He had ordained for us. He “thought” us in the rapture of His own great heart, and we are here and we are His! We were created in His image and were originally meant to be free of evil and meant to have had God-like capacities.

In His Power – The entire world moves to God’s great will. Animate and inanimate creation, the celestial bodies moving in their orbits.

In His Holiness – God walked with man and talked with him. He told him His mind, and showed him the precise path in which he must walk in order to enjoy the happiness God had ordained for him. He rejoiced in the fullness of His nature over man as His child, the offspring of His love.

In His Justice – God showed to man that compliance with His dictates would always mean eternal bliss and unspeakable joy, life and knowledge forever, but that failure to comply would mean the loss of life with God and eternal death. It was the wild desolation of disobedience, pride and selfish sinfulness that entered the world that changed things, creating a great gulf between God’s children and Himself. But, as always, love found a way, God came to us and for us. Now, with chastened hearts and quivering lips and glistening eyes, yet with love deep and strong in our hearts, we say again with deep adoration, God is love!

It is very likely that God would have walked this earth had sin never entered this world. But sin did and this sin still did not stop Him from graciously revealing Himself in communion with humanity. No, He still came.

The Gift of God’s Only Begotten Son

The gift of God’s only begotten Son, Jesus, truly reveals His love in an amazing degree. “He who did not spare His own Son” (Romans 8:32). It doesn’t matter how bad people are, if they will just lift their eyes to the cross, they will be saved! But many are blinded by sin and they can see nothing in the life of Christ except a beautiful and good life. They see Him as the best of human beings, living misunderstood, suffering and dying a martyrs death. This was one of the reasons why He gave mankind yet another gift and that was the gift of the Holy Spirit. Something that we have all be born with yet many never come to that realization that He exists inside of each and every one of us.

The moment one realizes the Holy Spirit lives within them, His gracious work can begin working on our souls and hearts and we can see a new light shining on the cross of our salvation. The once “martyr” becomes our Savior!

It actually is too difficult maybe even impossible to determine that God is love by mere, unaided human intellect. However, it is not impossible to the intuitions of faith. This is why faith is so important!

Our faith can see the love of God perform miracles of grace in graceless human hearts. Human love and lesser loves must wither into the most glorious and highest love of all, the love of God. Then we will see not only each other’s faults but the highest possibilities in each other. We will love one another for what God will yet make of us. Nothing is impossible for God, no sin too difficult for His love to overcome, no failure that He cannot make into a success.

God is love, it is one short and brief sentence, short even to even print on a ring. It is the gospel.

We are often too introspective today and we mourn and wonder, then we are lifted up on waves of feelings of joy and we glow and say we love God, but again our feelings will ebb and flow and we mourn. Christianity, however, is not a thing of times and seasons but of God and faith. If we truly love God and believe that He is love then our love of wife, husband, child and friend will grow holier, healthier, simpler, and grander.

God So Loved the World…

“God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”  (John 3:16)

We see this all the time, but do we really believe it? Do we really live it? What we need to do is get down to the cross, to the  broken heart of God, down to the sacrifice that was paid for our sins. Let us put away any books that have sapped our faith, let us cut off the interests and the relationships that have weighed our lives down to the dust. Then, look to Jesus and let us build ourselves up through our faith.

God Loves You

“God loves me.” Say it over and over and over, without thought to your own feelings that might come and go. Don’t live at a distance from God, live near Him by believing that He truly does love you. Remove all barriers of selfishness and fear, and just plunge into the fathomless love of God.

If God is Love – Why?

You know it is easy to say that “God is love” when there is no war and everything is going well. But it is not as easy to say when everything that happens seems to prove just the opposite. For example, when a man realizes he has an incurable disease or a severe handicap in life, or when all that is dear has been taken from him. If that man says as he faces these things, “God is love,” it means he has gotten hold of something the average person has missed.

The foundation of God’s love is holiness and without it no one will see the Lord. Often we think of holiness as being a strictly religious word, but the root word actually means “to be whole.” This means that holiness strikes at the heart of what God intends for us and that is fully human.

God’s nature is holy so this means that His love is holy and He seeks to embrace everyone and everything until we all become holy.

When the gospel is proclaimed, it is proclaimed as the foundation of Christ, God’s only Son, given as a gift to us. Within in His love He wants us to know that if we commit ourselves to Him, He will impart to us the very nature of His Son. “The gift of God is eternal life.” (Romans 6:23)

Nature and God’s Love

Jesus Christ’s presentation of God is one filled with love for all. But when we take a look at life as it appears to us what Christ reveals about God seems to be contradicted by the natural world around us.

Nature is wild, not tame and modern science would have us believe it is tame and that we can harness the sea and the air. That might be true only if we read scientific manuals and deal with successful experiments. But after a while we discover that there are elements which knock our calculations on the head and prove that the universe is wild and unmanageable. But God in the beginning created man to have dominion over it all.

The reason that man can no longer gain mastery over nature is because he has twisted the order of things by becoming master of himself, instead of recognizing God’s dominion over him. Jesus belonged to the order of things God had originally intended for all of mankind. He was easily master of the life of the sea, air and earth. It was because of when we allowed sin to enter into the world that we lost the ability to master nature.

Nature is indifferent according to the Bible, because it became disorganized through the disobedience of the very first man.

Nations and God’s Love

We often talk about a Christian nation, sad to say however, there never has been such a thing. There are Christians in the nations, but not Christian nations. There is a difference between individuality and personality; individuality is all elbows and must stand alone, personality is something that can be merged and blended. Individuality is the husk of the personal life, when personal life is emancipated, individuality goes away.

Same goes for nations. The kingdoms of this world have become intensely individualistic, with no love for God or care for one another. The insistence of nations is that they must keep the national peace and look how well they have been doing with that concept!

According to the Bible, nations as we know them today are the outcome of what should never have been. Civilization was founded on murder, and the basis of our civilized life is competition. There are some good ingredients in civilization, it is full of shelter and protection, but its basis is not good. We each belong to a nation, and each nation imagines that God is an almighty representative of that nation. If nations are right, which is the right one?

The Objects of Nations

“Where do wars and fights come from among you?…You fight and war. Yet you do not have because you do not ask.” (James 4:1-2)

A common question many may ask is this “Is war of the devil or of God?” The answer would be neither. War is of men. War is a conflict of wills, either in individuals or in nations. As there is will versus will there is punch versus punch. This is the object of nations. They will assert their rule and independence and refuse to be downtrodden. We we cannot by diplomacy make our will bear on other people, the last resort then is war and it always will be that way until Christ brings in His kingdom.

In God’s eyes there is one thing worse than war and that’s sin. However, the thing that startles us is not the same thing that startles God. We are scared and terrorized when our social order is broken, when thousands of men are killed. However, how many of us during times of peace bother to even consider one tiny bit the state of men’s hearts toward God? And it’s not the wars and devastation that upsets us most that creates so much pain in the heart of God, it’s sin that does that.

God’s Love is Longsuffering For Us

Peter once said that God is “longsuffering toward us.” And he was right. Right now He is giving all of mankind a chance to try every line they like in individual life as well as in the life of the nations. Some things have not been tried yet, and if God were to cut us off short no doubt we would say “If You had let us go a bit longer we could have realized our ideal of society and national life.” God is giving us the chance to prove that true brotherhood cannot be achieved in any other way than through Jesus Christ. We will only be able to have a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ, who is both God and Man and it will be only when mankind is at the end of their rope that we will hear Jesus Christ say “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” (Matthew 5:3).

Faith in God is a grand venture in the dark unknown sometimes, but we must believe that “God is Love” in spite of all that seems to contradict this truth. Each soul on this earth represents some kind of battlefield and the biggest thing for any Christian is to remain perfectly confident in God’s love.

In the end, the love of God will be the great reality.



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