February 13th, 2016

The Tragic and Triumphant Cross Leading to Hope for Us All” 

cross4In this Lenten series you are invited to stand at the foot of the cross and to gaze on it through the eyes of different biblical writers. The writings of the gospels, were selected from the Old Testament and the letters of Paul and some others. They are intended to help you reflect on the meaning of the cross and then gradually probe its mystery. There is no single interpretation of the cross that can explain it all. The cross is a sign that is both tragic as well as triumphant, it is a call to persevere in the way of suffering and a power that offers renewal as well as hope.

The logic of the cross seems to fly in the face of normal common sense. Why is suffering and death the way to life? How can that be so? Why is the dreaded cross our clearest sign of hope? Why is this instrument of torture the universal symbol that inspires more people than any other? What does the call of Jesus to take up the cross imply for your life? The cross is a great paradox: we will never fully understand it. The tragedy outside the walls of Jerusalem in A.D. 30 was God’s triumph over sin, death, and meaningless existence. This is the great mystery that we all seek to unravel as we study the tragic and triumphant cross.


Crucified Lord, there is no depth of human experience to which you have not plunged. You know the darkness of fear, the loneliness of suffering, the dread of depression, and the agony of death. You entered fully into the intensity of human pain and transformed it by your love. Through your holy cross, you have brought light out of darkness, life out of death, and you have redeemed the world. As I reflect on the great mystery of your cross, teach me to be a cross bearing disciple so that I can extend your love to the world.



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