February 11th, 2016

The Tragic and Triumphant Cross Leading to Hope for Us All” 

cross2The cross is planted on mountaintops around the world and displayed on the walls of Christian homes. It is mounted on tops of churches and dangled around the necks of many. We will find rugged wooden crosses and ornately jeweled crosses, images of the suffering Christ and images of the risen Christ affixed to the cross. The symbol of the cross has the power to galvanize the followers of Jesus Christ. In processions and liturgies, in poetry and in music, in architecture and in devotions, the cross speaks to what we as Christians believe about Jesus and about how we understand our lives in relationship to him. It is the primordial symbol by which all Christians express their commitment to Christ and through which we experience the love of God.


What personal experiences have helped you gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of the cross?

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