You Give and Take Away

“You give and take away. You give and take away. But my heart will choose to say, ‘Lord blessed be Your name'”

Matt Redman

Blessed be Your Name

That’s what God does, He gives us many things in life as well as taking away many things. As harsh as that might sound, I know there is reason for all that He does, even if it is painful when it turns out to be a loss.

Learning this lesson can be difficult, especially if what He takes away is someone you love, whether it is a human family member or a beloved pet, for all creatures were created and loved by God and only given to us on a temporary basis, before He decides to call them back home.

Although human loss is far greater than that of a beloved animal, there still is grief and it can be a deep grief, such as one that my husband and I have been going through just recently with the loss of our beloved little dog CoCo.

Meet Coco

Meet Coco

CoCo was a little angel sent to us in 2013 by God during a time when He knew we needed comfort and the kind of love that only such an angel can give. The moment we laid eyes on him we knew it was love! The kind of love that God wishes we all could experience and we were blessed to experience it through this unique little creature of God.

DSCN0087The love that little angel showered upon us from the moment he walked into our lives was probably the closest you can get to the unconditional love that God offers us each and every day! There were no boundaries to his love and he gave it freely and without question! He taught us how to love more deeply and we will be forever grateful to him for such a gift.

However, he was called back to heaven January 13th, 2016 cutting short his stay with us and leaving us feeling empty. There was and is a void now, that unconditional love was snatched away, just like that, in the blink of an eye.DSCN0189

The grief hit hard, no different than if we had lost a human child from our lives and me of all people was angry at God. I was angry at God, I yelled at Him, I screamed at Him and I demanded to know why He took back our angel, my best friend! Soon that anger turned to guilt for daring to speak to God that way, as if my guilt about CoCo wasn’t bad enough I had to compound it with this guilt. But then I remembered something Fr. John said to me a very long time ago “It’s okay to get mad at God, He’s got big shoulders, He can handle it.”

Through grief I have begun to truly realize that God truly does everything for a reason. As much as grief is painful, I realize that He is trying to send a message to me, to my husband to anyone who suffers from grief. Sometimes, it’s a wake up call for us to remember that no matter what God needs to be the center of our lives. It’s a reminder that we need to stop taking things around us for granted, those we love especially, whether it be a human loved one or an animal loved one. It helps us to become more compassionate and caring to others and what they might be going through because we can better relate. It can serve as a reminder that we must remember to cherish each and every single moment that we have together with our families, our friends and our beloved pets because they can be called home at any moment, no warning, nothing, gone.

Yes, it’s hard when God takes away, but I know that He has a plan and I realize even in my grief that I must accept this and no matter how difficult it might be, I must  keep Him at the center of my life and thank Him for all the blessings He has given me, especially little CoCo who was truly one of God’s angels that was called back to heaven. “Blessed be the name of the Lord!”

In Loving Memory of Coco

meer cat

May 18th, 2013 – January 13th, 2016

You will forever be loved and never forgotten in our hearts. We were blessed to have such a smart, beautiful and loving dog to share our days with. You were an angel sent from heaven who was called back to heaven far too soon. You will always be cherished in our memories.

We will miss you son!

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