Looking at Prayer Differently

Grace_Dove-changeOften when we look at prayer, we might be looking at it in the wrong way, we might be approaching it in the wrong direction. Often we are guilty of starting our prayers downstream like at the end of the river instead of starting upstream where the water flows down from.

We do this by starting off our prayers with our own concerns, sure there is nothing wrong with bringing our concerns to God but often that’s the way we begin all our prayer time. We too often inform God, as if He doesn’t already know what’s going on in our lives. We plead with Him, as if by doing this it is going to change God’s mind and overcome any divine reluctance. Often this kind of prayer gets us nowhere. This is why, we need to consider starting upstream where the flow starts.

If we shift the direction of our prayers, we may suddenly realize that God already cares about our concerns, whatever they might be, in fact He cares about them more than we actually do. It’s simple, our Father knows what we need.

His grace, is like water, it flows down to the lowest parts of the streams of lives. We’ve heard it said many times “Streams of mercy flow.” And it’s the truth. If we start upstream in prayer asking God what part we can play in His work on earth, we will have a brand new starting point for our prayers and our perceptions will eventually change. We will be able to look at nature and begin to see the signature of the great Artist who created it all. We also will be able to look at humans beings in a different light and see them as individuals of eternal destiny made in the image of God.

Dear Lord, I praise You for loving and caring for me so much. What would I ever do without you?

Thank You, for being a rock to which I can flee and that no matter where I am or in what circumstances I find myself, You are there with me, always, always knowing all of my concerns far better than I. Help me to always remember that even in the darkest of nights, You are forever my Strong Tower.


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