Day 30 of 31 Days of Praising

Day 30

day30I worship You, Lord of heaven and earth, the God who made the world and all things in it! I extol You for the immensity of Your love in sending Jesus Christ, the long awaited Messiah, the Savior who died for us, and for all people everywhere. I exalt You because Your plan embraces the whole world and all of time…not just the Middle East, which cradled the gospel, but also Europe and North America, Asia and Africa, the entire Southern Hemisphere, and every tiny island on the globe. Thank You that Jesus with His blood, purchased sons and daughters for You from every tribe and language and people and nation…and that You yearn for all people everywhere to repent. You have no desire that any person should spend eternity without You!

Thank You that You made Your light shine in my heart to give the light of the knowledge of Your glory in the face of Your Son…that You drew me to Yourself, and honored me, making me a member of Your royal family and a citizen of Your Kingdom…and that You have enlisted me in Your worldwide task force, to be Your witness. What a high privilege, that You have destined me to have a share not only in Your love but also in Your glorious purposes, both near and far…that You have gifted me for a unique part in Your global search for people who will repent and believe and learn to live for Your glory. I celebrate my high calling of knowing You and making You known! And I praise You for giving me Your Holy Spirit to fill and empower me, and for promising to be with me always.

“Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth.”

Read the following:

  • Acts 17:24; John 3:16; Galatians 4:5-6; 1 John 2:2; Acts 13:47; Revelation 5:8; 2 Peter 3:9
  • 2 Corinthians 4:6; Ephesians 2:19; Romans 12:4-6; Acts 1:8; Matthew 28:18-20
  • Psalm 57:11


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