We Don’t Want to Offend Anyone!

westandfornothingI am so tired of hearing “We don’t want to offend anyone.” coming out of the mouths of politicians these days that it nearly makes me want to literally throw up. Who is it that they don’t want to offend? It sure as heck isn’t the Christians because every time you turn around Christians are being offended left, right, from the front and from the back. Or at least they should be offended by what’s happening in this country of ours.

In light of what happened recently in San Bernardino, Donald Trump was more than ticked off about what happened, he was furious. I am not one that claims I support him but in light of what has happened, I can understand his comment when he said “The US needs to stop allowing Muslims into this country!” Of course he was immediately torn apart for that statement because after all “It might offend someone. It might offend the moderate Muslim community!” Then on the other hand you have another politician saying that the only way to take care of Isis and other groups like them is to “Blanket bomb them all!” OK, so here you have a non-violent option to try and protect our country vs a violent option that would include killing thousands of men, women and children who might be in the path of “blanket bombing.” However, no one lashed out against this suggestion! Explain that one to me.

Back to the “we don’t want to offend anyone.” statement. They claim that after all America was founded on freedom of religion and we can’t offend the Islamic faith because of this. What they seem to forget here is that this country was founded on Christianity NOT the Islamic faith and it is I a Christian who is being offended! But does anyone care that it is I and other Christians who are being offended?! Of course not!

This country over the years has forbidden prayer in schools (but not those of Islamic faith because that would be against their religious beliefs and rights and would offend them!!!), they’ve taken prayer out of work, (but not for those of the Islamic faith because that would be against their religious beliefs and rights and would offend them!!!). We are told that we shouldn’t say “Merry Christmas” instead it is more proper to say “Happy Holidays” so we don’t offend anyone!!! Over the years this country has forced Christians to accept abortion even though it is against the beliefs of most Christian faiths, they have been forced to accept same sex marriages and if they don’t they will be thrown in jail. However, this is NOT suppose to offend us. Instead, we are suppose to sit back and watch as this once great country tries to take away all of Christians religious beliefs and rights and tell us we can only practice our beliefs behind the walls of our own churches all the while Muslims can even stop in the middle of a work day to take time out to pray to their Allah!. And we are NOT suppose to be offended?! And if one man comes up with a non-violent suggestion to try and curb the terrorism in our own country and is told that we can’t even think of something like that because it might offend the Muslim population, it’s a crime! I am offended! Whether Trump is right or wrong he’s entitled to his own opinion and right now, I’m not so sure he’s all that wrong!

Unless the so called moderate Muslims, whom we are instructed so often not to offend, begins to stand up against the radical Muslims and let them know they are against all that they stand for, I as a Christian will NOT believe that deep down they don’t support these radical Muslims. They sit back and quietly say “This is not the way of our faith.” but do nothing about it, they show no resistance against what is going on. Instead they sit back in silence and let it happen.

I am offended that I as a Christian am being forced to cater to a religious group of people that had nothing to do with founding this country because I may offend them with my Christian beliefs! What about MY religious rights and freedom?

Pope Francis says that Christians and Muslims are all brothers and sisters and we need to start acting like it. As much as I love Pope Francis and agree with the statement, nothing is going to change as long as the radical Muslims continue to move throughout the world and terrorize all in their way. They are NOT listening Papa Francesco, they are not listening!

As a Christian, I will oppose abortion, I will oppose same sex marriages, I will say Merry Christmas whenever and wherever I wish and I will pray when and where I want because it is my religious right and freedom and if that offends anyone, I’m sorry.

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