It’s Not Easy to be a Parent

by Kelsey McKay

dont-give-up (2)Sometimes you might feel as if life has handed you a plate of slop instead of a beautifully designed plate of delicious food to consume. Maybe one of your kids for instance might be super defiant, however, we need to stop and realize that God always produces something short of a miracle in your other child or children. This however doesn’t mean that you should stop showing the defiant child the love and attention they still need. In fact you should instead show them that you can be the parent that God has always intended you to be!

In reality, the life you are given is not a plate of slop, in fact it’s exactly what you make of it. Allow God to guide you and your plate will suddenly be filled with many beautiful morsels. Sure, it’s not easy to be a parent and there are no books that can claim they know everything. In fact if they had a book called “How to be a Bad Parent”, I, myself could teach that as a class, in fact, if we were all truthful about this subject, we probably all feel that way at one time or another.

No matter how we feel about our parenting skills, we should never give up. Truth be told, I almost just threw the towel in and gave up on all of it. However, God put certain people in my life to show me that giving up is simply not an option in any life endeavor, including being a parent. In fact, giving up isn’t even in God’s vocabulary.

Sure life is hard, especially when you have to guide little ones in the right direction, but we need to remember this…God gave all of us His one and only Begotten Son. And why did He do that? Because He didn’t give up on us. Never has and never will!

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