A World in Chaos

“I am deeply saddened by the terrorist attacks in Paris. Please join me in prayer for the victims and their families.” Pope Francis

“This is not just an attack on the people of Paris or the country of France, this is an attack on all of humanity and all that we believe in.”  Pres. Obama

Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, Ill. USA.(webmedia.newseum.org)

I rarely, if ever agree with or post anything that President Obama says, but this is one time that I couldn’t agree with him more. It is these kinds of cowardly attacks that is turning the world that we live in, into a world of chaos! This is not the world that I was born into nor is it the world that many others were born into. Granted, the world we were born into wasn’t always the best and it had it’s problems, however, it was nothing like we see today. A world of cowards that hide themselves behind a “god” they claim approves of killing all those who don’t believe as they believe. There is NOTHING beautiful or holy about a “god” who would condone such acts as what happened in Paris and in other parts of the world. These are people who are destroying the Islamic faith and making it nearly impossible for those who believe in this faith to feel comfortable. As much as I feel for those Islamic people who are gentle, kind and peaceful, I too can understand the feelings of distrust that others may be building up against them.

The attacks in Paris and other parts of the world that just seemed to come out of the blue and blind sided all the experts in terrorism is growing. These kinds of attacks are not being done by well known individual terrorists from outside individual countries but are being done from within. They could be people that may have been someone’s next door neighbor, or they worked with or went to school with, some people may have even trusted them, who knows. But it’s a new kind of terrorism that is being recruited from within and all over the world, through subtle ways, ways in which escape what specialists call “chatter”. How can one protect against such an “evil” foe? These are people who are not afraid to kill and are not afraid to die for their delusional beliefs! These are people whose grand plan is to put the world into chaos and they have a pretty good start on it.

As Christians, we are all called to pray for everyone, including our enemies, but as a Christian, I also understand just how difficult it is to pray for such things as evil as this. I wonder how it is we are expected to pray for those who have so little respect for life? Are we truly expected to just sit back passively and pray for those who wouldn’t think twice about looking at you or me in the face and then aiming an assault weapon at us and blowing us away as easily as you and I take a fly swatter and zap the life out of a fly on the wall?

As I said, I rarely agree with our President on anything but I cannot help but to completely agree with him when he said that this was an attack on all of humanity, and it is! As Christians, Jews, non-Christians, agnostics and atheists, we are all in danger of becoming victims of a group of people who hide behind their Allah and say that it is his will that all who do not believe their way need to be killed. You either switch over to their belief and join them or you might as well be dead. NO that is NOT the way of God, at least not my God!

“To teach France, and all nations following its path, that they will remain at the top of Islamic State’s list of targets, and that the smell of death won’t leave their noses as long as they partake in their crusader campaign,” said the group.

French President Francois Hollande said the violence was organized from abroad by Islamic State with internal help.

“Indeed you have been ordered to fight the infidel wherever you find him – what are you waiting for?,” said Abu Maryam.

“Know that jihad in this time is obligatory on all.”

Another militant, identified as Abu Salman the Frenchman, said: “There are weapons and cars available and targets ready to be hit. Even poison is available, so poison the water and food of at least one of the enemies of Allah.”

“Terrorize them and do not allow them to sleep due to fear and horror,” he added.

Foreign fighters who join Islamic State, the group which controls large swathes of Iraq and Syria, are seen as especially dangerous because Western passports enable them to live in and travel to Western countries undetected.

This is a world in chaos that we are beginning to live in and it is a sad testament of how little regard some people have for the sanctity of life. And no doubt more than likely is still more to come. It is something that needs to be fought but who knows how to fight it? This is an invisible enemy that only shows itself after the damage is done. We as Americans have been fighting this enemy or one similar since 9/11 and they continue to grow and terrorize innocents all over the world. Our Homeland Security claims there are no threats here at this time. Really? There were none in Paris that was noticed this week either, yet it happened.

Yes, we must all pray, we must ask for God to protect the innocent and I will do as Pope Francis asks, to pray for the victims of the brutality  in Paris and I will pray that somehow, someway, someone can find a way to make the world a safer place, but God forgive me, I will not pray for these cowardly enemies that hide in the shadows waiting for their next opportunity to attack.

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