Cast Aside Your Doubts

No servant can serve two masters.” (Luke 16:13)

doubt-flashEveryone at one time or another more than likely has heard the old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Well if you read Luke 16:9-15 you will see that this is pretty much what Jesus is asking his disciples and us to do. He is asking them and anyone else who will listen to Him to give themselves to God first and all other things must follow after God.

So, what keeps so many of us from doing this? There might be a variety of different things in our lives that take us away from putting God first, however, it is our underlying doubts we might have. We doubt that Jesus’ basket is going to be big enough to hold all of our dreams and needs or that the basket might have holes in it or that Jesus simply might drop it. Our doubts are what pull us in different directions. Sometimes we might find ourselves tempted to look to other things in life for our happiness and support. But in the middle of all of our doubts is where Jesus will reveal more about who He really is so that we can take one more step toward having a heart that is totally trusting.

Do you struggle with doubts? Are you struggling with them right now? Are you facing a major decision in your life and you really don’t know how to choose? Or have you been waiting on God for some sort of answer and you have not seen any signs of an answer and nothing seems to have changed and you’ve been praying on it for a very long time? Well, don’t be discouraged, you are actually in pretty good company. A lot of people in the Bible doubted God from as early back as Abraham and Sara all the way through to the apostles. But in each of these instances, God did respond to their doubts and through the process, He revealed His faithfulness to all of them.

For instance, take a look at Peter when he tried to walk on the water when he stepped out of the boat to go to Jesus. He even succeeded, well at first anyway. As long as he had his eyes on Jesus he was fine, however, when he took his eyes off of Jesus, what happened? He saw the huge waves on the water and his doubts and fears took over and he began to sink. Even though he doubted, where was Peter trying to go? He was trying to go to Jesus and even when he failed to completely walk across the water, he still ended where? With Jesus. He had a tough time doing it along the way, but this is how he learned that Jesus would always be there to help lift him up wherever and whenever he started to doubt and flounder.

Christ wants us to cast aside our doubts, but He prefers that we do it by remembering who He is. He is faithful. He is always with us. He is with us right here, right now and He is always reaching out His hand to take a hold of ours to pull us up and steady us. Jesus is well worth putting all of our eggs into one basket, His basket. So cast aside your doubts and hold out your hand to Him.

“Lord Jesus, help me to put my doubts aside and follow You will all my heart.”


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