Things We Need to Remember on Our Faith Journey Pt. 2

faithAs we continue down the path of our faith journey there are many things we need to remember to help make us stronger and to help us to want to continue down this road even when there might be bumps and pot holes. When think about these things they can give us both hope and strength to continue.

Two thousand years ago, a man called Jesus stood at a a Samaritan well and talked with a woman who was there to get drinking water for her physical health. Jesus spoke with her and told her two things that we know to be truths: One was that even though it was true she needed water to live but it was even more important that she drink of the living water for her spiritual health.

Even though much time has past since that moment and humanity has become much more sophisticated, life still sees these truths before it. One, without clean water we will die, but what is more important is that without Jesus Christ, the source of living water, we are already dead to our sins.

Remember – Water is essential to our existence, both physically with H2O and spiritually with Jesus. Only Jesus has the living water to quench our spiritual thirst.

We read in Scripture warnings that we should not be wise in our own eyes or proud. (Prov. 3:7, 15A, 5:21 Rom. 12:16). In other words, we should not assume that we have all the answers. “Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise.” (Prov. 19:20) Whether it is a friend, your spouse, pastor or a co-worker, God can and does use others to teach us more about His wisdom.

True wisdom begins and ends with God.

It is said that the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a Jealous God. However, His jealousy is not like our self-centered love. His heart is one that expresses His protective zeal for those who are His by creation and salvation. He is the one who has made us and has rescued us so that we can know and enjoy Him forever. So, how could we ask for anything more than a God who is zealous and jealous for our happiness?

God loves every one of us as if there were but one of us to love.

Remember – God does not give us what we deserve; He gives us mercy instead. His strength is far more than sufficient for us. But before we can find this reassurance within ourselves, we need to step back, lay down the shovel of our own efforts and take Jesus’ hand that is forever extended to us in mercy and grace.

Remember – God is big enough to listen to our anger and loving enough to show us, in His time, the path we need to take to move forward.

Grace: Getting what we don’t deserve. 

Mercy: Not getting what we do deserve.

Remember – Joining together in prayer is a privilege and when someone we know is facing serious physical difficulty or spiritual crisis we should exercise this privilege by praying for them and bringing them closer to Jesus in the process, for He is the only One who can meet their deepest needs.

Praying for others is a privilege and a responsibility.

Remember – Whatever our situation, let’s remember to shine for Jesus where we are. He can provide us with the grace we need to reach even those who don’t agree with us.

The more we live like Jesus, the more others will be drawn to Him.

It is important that we realize and understand that God truly desires a relationship with us. So it is important that each day we invite Him into our daily lives and then we can praise Him and ask Him for His help all during the day. Then there are other times when we can  treasure some time alone with Him and reflect on His faithfulness. When we spend time with God in prayer and in His Word, we will grow in our relationship with Him and we will learn to become more and more like Him. Once we make time with Him a priority, we will enjoy His company more and more.

Remember – God is greater than our greatest problem.

Remember – Don’t allow the brutality of this world take away your thankful heart. Remember you are a Child of God and He has shown you His goodness and mercy through His work on the cross.

We are not to be alone on this journey and it is His wish that we share life’s struggles with others. This is fundamental to the way of the followers of Christ. This is how they are called to live. Paul challenges us to share each other’s burdens and by doing this we are obeying the law of Christ. Because by working together through the different challenges of life we can then help to strengthen and support each other when times are tough. By expressing toward one another the care and affections of Jesus and we don’t become isolated in our own suffering.

We can go a lot further together than we can alone.

Remember – One day all the suffering will end. Our tears will be dried forever, and we will be safe in God’s loving arms forever. Until then, we can still depend on God’s love to support us when we do suffer.

If we want God to lead us, we must be willing to follow Him.

Christ reminds us that we must have a heart of gratitude. There are dozens of reminders in Scripture that reminds us of how we need to express gratitude and is of primary importance in our relationship with God. We need to give thanks when we come into His presence. This attitude of gratitude will help us remember our abundant blessings bestowed upon us. Even if we are in the middle of trouble and despair, God’s presence and love are our constant companion.

Remember – It is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.

Remember – “God is greater than our hearts, and He knows everything” (1 John 3:20) Because of this He knows exactly how to help us and if we trust Him and live to please Him we will flourish and be truly free.

God helps those who know they are helpless.

Remember – That self-examination is vital for our spiritual lives to be healthy. God wants us to see ourselves so that we can be spared the consequences of our sinful choices. The whole point of this self-examination is not just to make things right with God but to also make sure that we are right with each other as well. We must be living in harmony with other believers and by seeing and confessing our sin will promote unity with others and will build a healthy relationship with God.

Remember – God opens the gates of heaven to those who open their hearts to Him.


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