Memorable Quotes From Pope Francis While in America

popefrancisPope Francis’ visit to America was not only historical and probably something we will never experience again in our lives but it was one filled with both joy and hope for all of the American people and for people all over the world. He proved over and over again that the Church is universal and that all of us must be more accepting and that means Catholics, non-Catholics, Jews, Islamic people, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostic and all other religions around the world and in this country. Hopefully he has opened the eyes of everyone to look at this world and it’s Peoples in a different light. I know that is the effect he had on me.

He made so many memorable comments during his visit here that it is impossible to quote them all, but here are some that will stay in my heart forever.

“Don’t let our hearts become numb.”

“We should ask ourselves have we the ability to count our blessings or have we forgotten them?”

Ours is to plant the seeds. It is God who will see to the fruits.”

“Go out again and again. Go out without fear and proclaim the Gospel.”

“God is living in our cities, the Church is living in our cities.”

“The people of God who have walked in the dark have seen a great light. We as Christians have witnessed the light.”

“Creation is compromised when we think we have the final word.”

“What are you doing to spread the Gospel?”

“Religious freedom shapes the way we interact socially and personally.”

“It is imperative that all religious followers call for peace.”

“At the heart of the spiritual mission is the dignity of human rights.”

“Society is weakened whenever any injustice prevails.”

“All too often those most in need of our help are unable to be heard.”

“Immigrants are called to be responsible citizens.”

“Beauty leads to God.”

“God is beauty and truth. God is goodness. All that is true, all that is good, takes us to God.”

“Before God created the world, He loved. He loved because God is love. He loved so much that He created the world and the family to share that love with.”

“It’s up to us to choose. It’s up to us which path we want to take.”

“Division of hearts cannot overcome difficulties. Only love can overcome, only love can move things forward.”

“We have to take care of the children and the grandparents.”

“Children are the future of the family, grandparents are the living memory of the family.”

“A people who don’t have the love to take care of their grandparents have no future.”

“Never let a day end without making peace.”

“The Devil is the one who causes all the problems in the family. The Devil is the one that causes all the problems between man and woman. But at the end of the night there is a light and because of that light we can defeat the Devil.”

“We must remember that religious liberty does not just give us religious freedom in our homes and behind the walls of our churches. Religious liberty gives us freedom to take it out into the streets and share with others. We must remember this is what this country was founded on.”

“Temptation threatens the authenticity of faith.”

“Our Father will not be outdone in generosity.”

“God wants ALL His children to take feast in the Gospel.”

“Holiness like happiness is shown in the little gestures. Little gestures do not go unnoticed by God.”

“Faith opens the window to the presence of the Spirit.”

“Faith grows when it is lived and shaped by love.”

“Little signs of love shows His active presence in our lives.”

“If we have faith the Father will give us His Spirit.”

“Would that we could all be open to miracles.”

“With a grateful heart, I thank you all. God Bless America!”


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