Things We Need to Remember

jesus-preaching-1Often it is not easy to be a Christian, especially in a secular world that at times is becoming more and more intolerant of Christians and their beliefs. But then again God never did promise that it would be easy to follow Him.

Sometimes we forget what He tries to teach us and it can make life even more difficult at times, here are some things we should always try to remember about God and our faith.

“God cares when people suffer. And often He works through people like us to share His care, even when we think our work is done.”

“Our faith does not rise out of our own dreams and solutions. The foundation of faith is in God alone and what He can do in and through us.”

Ask this question of yourself…What if Christians were known more for not hiding their sins but for loving and supporting each other with the truth and grace of our God? What if we as Christians practiced a risky yet healthy honesty with each other and with the watching world?

Finally, remember that every person has a job to do in God’s family, there are no spectators. In God’s family we weep and laugh together. We bear each other’s burdens. We pray for and encourage one another. We challenge and help each other to turn from sin.  Or at least this is the way God planned for His family to be.


Dear Father in heaven, forgive us for focusing on our own schemes and dreams. Help us to look to You for guidance in all that we do.

We know it is difficult for us to share our faults with one another, but You call us to wholeness as Your people. Please empower us by Your Spirit to live courageously in love and honesty. Show us, Father, our part in helping Your family.



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