There is Something Great About a Jubilee

“It shall be a jubilee for you.”  (Leviticus 25:10)

JoyfulReunionWhether ancient Israel actually participated in jubilees is unknown, however, there is something really appealing about the idea of having a “jubilee” every fifty years as the scripture says. This would be when everyone returns to their ancestral land and then all of their debts are forgiven and slaves were set free.

All of us from time to time long to go back to our roots, to what made us who we are. But, can you really go back? Sure family reunions can be fun occasions when everyone gathers together to recall treasured memories and affirm one another as valued members of the family. Even the good old eccentric uncle seems to have a place at one of these gatherings, bring in some perspective or a sense of humor that might be missed if he wasn’t there.

But, gatherings like this can also very easily degenerate. The old patterns of competition can resurface, people can feel like they no longer belong, or the place they so fondly remember seems a lot smaller and a lot less lovely when last remembered. We’ve changed either for the best or for the worst, but we’ve changed.

However, the place we find in the family of God is never going to disappoint us! In Jesus, God has given us His own life, along with all the treasures we could ever dream of and enjoy. He has given us brothers and sisters born in the same font and nourished by the same sacraments and shaped by the same Word. We are all enriched as we share our unique experiences, insights and our gifts.

Because of His cross, we can now live in a constant state of jubilee. All of our debts have been forgiven. Our slavery to sin and death have all been removed. We stay treasured members of God’s family and we all stand together on hallowed ground. Never forget, no matter what, our Father will always welcome us with open arms! No matter what we’ve done.

So, we should rejoice in our heritage today and all days knowing that we have a secure place in the house of God!

“Father, thank You for making me part of Your family. I treasure what I share with all Your other children, and I delight in your unique call to me and to all my brothers and sisters.”


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