How Could They Not See Who He Was?

“Where did this man get all this?”  (Matthew 13:56)

walking-with-jesus(pp_w402_h471)Doesn’t it make you wonder how could Jesus’ people not see who He really was? After all He had already performed many different miracles and had spoken with so much insight about their Law of Moses. However, to them He was just a carpenter’s son from down the street. This then gave them a low regard for Him and they came to Him with very low expectations and this kept them from experiencing all the healings, deliverances and other miracles that so many other people had seen and received. Because of their lack of faith, they put limits on what they let God do for them and one of those limitations was the ability to see Jesus for who He really was.

Fast forward to today. Do you, do we as Christians limit Jesus as well? Is He only our Savior on Sundays or only when we are in a crisis or suffering difficult times? Sure He wants to be there with us during our times at church, sure He wants to see us there and touch us as a family of Christians. And yes, He definitely loves to be by our side during troubled times. However, there is so much more to His love, He wants to be so much more than just a Sunday visitor or a shoulder to cry on. He wants to talk to us and to walk with us just as he did with Adam and Eve in the garden. He wants to be allowed to give us counsel when it comes to our decision making, He wants to be there to cheer us on in all of our successes and also to teach us to learn from our mistakes. He desires to give each of us good gifts and He wants to show us how to serve our loved ones much more humbly. Simply put, Jesus just wants to be our constant and steady companion!

Sometimes more times than not, we can find it difficult to believe this truth. But God truly does delight in showing Himself to us in simple everyday events that take place in our lives. What’s more important is that He really, really enjoys being with us, even if we’re sitting in a boring meeting at work, watching the TV at home, or even doing everyday chores like laundry, dishes or yard work! The more we learn to sense His presence, the more we are going to receive His blessings, His revelations and His love!

Whether we want to believe it or not, Jesus is totally committed to each and every one of us! Even if our minds are taken up with all the demands of the world around us, He is still there, close to each one of us and is just waiting for us to turn to Him and say “Hello.” We might not be able to feel His presence all the time, but we must remember that He IS there, speaking words of love, kindness, support and wisdom to us all the while He is shielding us from the devil, and forming us in hidden, unseen ways. In the face of such an immense love, how can we do anything but place our faith and trust in Him?

Let us not treat Him just like the guy down the street we don’t care to know or have little expectations of. Let us not shut Him out and not give Him room to walk along side us down the sometimes rocky path of life.

“Jesus, in so many ways, You remain a mystery to me. I don’t always feel You, but I know You are with me. Thank You, Lord, for Your unending and faithful love!”

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