Defending What We Have-Before It’s Too Late!

marriageI wanted to share with you the article that was written in my church bulletin last week. I feel that it’s something that should be shared with other Christians, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.

The recent decision by the Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriages has left a rattled and frustrated Catholic community all over the country. Everyone who is Christian and has been following the teachings of Jesus and relying on the Bible to model their life on, is also very upset that what we treasured as the sanctity and nobility of something unique that God created is being trampled on by those who are supposed to make the most important decisions for our country.

As I said in my homily two weeks ago, “We hope and pray that our State and Government will support what we have and what has made this country what it is – the basis of which has always been our faith. But if the life of our unborn babies and the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman continue to be attacked, we hope that we can band together and fight for our religious rights.”

Christians are being killed in their own churches, and even though we are still free to worship in them, I am afraid the next move is the limiting of the faithful to attend their own churches. I am afraid also that many of our religious rights will be taken away from us. Who knows if the names of certain cities will be changed just because they have a religious connotation? Cities such as Corpus Christi, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento, San Diego, the Missions in California, and so many others along the Camino Real. Would the people in these big cities object if someone decides to change these religious names because they feel “offended” by their use?

Coming back to the theme of marriage as a union between a man and a woman, I want to repeat here the message we received from Bishop Cary which was read two weeks ago and printed in this parish bulletin. It is worth repeating and digesting thoroughly.

The Supreme Court has re-defined marriage to accommodate couples of same-sex attraction throughout the land. In the strange new landscape the Justices have suddenly fashioned for our nation, how are we as Catholic citizens to live our faith?

First of all we must think clearly together. Catholics believe the Pope can speak infallibly, not the Supreme Court. The Court’s ruling does not change reality; judges cannot make true what is false. Marriage remains what it is – the union of one man and one woman for the generation of children. 

But since, in the Court’s opinion, there are absolutely no respectable reasons to think this way, those of us who persist in doing so can only be bigots. This means that our views as members of the largest Christian denomination in the United States are no longer worthy of mention in the national debate. We have been banished to the world within the walls of our churches, as have our fellow citizens who supported traditional marriage in 32 of the 35 states that had a chance to vote on the question before judges took it in hand. The re-definition of marriage re-defines religious liberty too – and not to the advantage of believers.

Since public opinion has been moving in the direction of marriage re-definition, the media instruct us that it is pointless to stand against a question the Court has now “settled”.

So it has when the Supreme Court made abortion legal; public opinion moved in its direction, too. But within a few years, as resistance gathered and grew, it became crystal clear that Roe v. Wade had not “settled” the abortion issue at all. Forty-two years later, with public opinion tending in a pro-life direction, momentum has turned against the abortion liberty that the Court invented. In a similar way, we may confidently trust, that the truth of marriage will emerge once again from the web of legal obscurity the Justices have woven around it. In St. Paul’s words, “We have the mind of Christ” on this question, for Jesus taught us to see marriage as God designed it: the lifelong, two-in-on-flesh union of a man and a woman. And the mind of Christ is not the mind of a bigot.

So let us take our stand on the truth about marriage that God has revealed and right reason confirms, confident that the truth will set us free to restore marriage to its rightful place in our land.

-In Christ Jesus, Bishop Liam Cary

Let us continue to make a stand against attacks on our Catholic religion. Many people and visitors to our parish have complimented me for speaking in favor of pro-life and the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. But they also regret that they don’t hear the same message in their own parishes – wherever they may be. I hope and pray that my brother priests will never feel embarrassed to speak in favor of their faith and the Church’s teachings, while supporting our Bishops and our Pope.

-God bless you, Father Julian

I hope you enjoyed this and that it hits a spot in your heart. I know it did mine. As a Christian and follower of the teachings of Christ I often become tired and irritated by always hearing how someone is offended by this or that when it comes to Christian faith. Whether it be the inscription “In God We Trust”, no prayer allowed in schools to our beliefs in God’s view of marriage. I become irritated and sometimes angry because has anyone EVER considered that we as Christians might be offended by those who are offended by our faith?!

As a Christian I am offended by the fact that all those who whine about all the liberties and beliefs that this country was founded on offends them and don’t care one bit about how much they offend me with their ability to tear down what built this country from the beginning. As a Christian I am offended that my religious rights and freedoms are being trampled on by those who are offended by God!

2 responses to “Defending What We Have-Before It’s Too Late!

  1. Father, If I may ask this question Marriage is a Holy Sacrament from God, true? Then, under the First Amendment what right does the court have in telling the Church what marriage is? Do I see things wrong? James

    • That’s the whole point with this post. Both Fr. Julian and Bishop Carey are saying that the courts don’t have the right to do what they did and basically they are ignoring our First Amendment! The court has not only trampled our faith but the Constitution as well.

      God Bless

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