It’s Jesus They are Rejecting

“Do not worry about how you are to speak.”  Matthew 10:19

matthew1019They were like sheep in the midst of wolves in Matthew’s account. Being handed over to the courts and punished in the synagogues. They would be brought before governors and kings. It was Jesus who told His disciples that they need not worry when they faced these roadblocks. In today’s society He might caution us against apathy, secularism, or relativism. No matter what, confronting hostility or bias when we are trying to share our faith can make us somewhat anxious.

However, we can’t forget that it’s really Jesus’ life that is in you that people are rejecting and not you personally. And He is completely equipped to handle any kind of objection or opposition that may come your way!

Often anxiety will come from the feeling that we are simply inadequate in facing challenges. We begin to worry that we will make mistakes or that we simply won’t have what it takes to be able to succeed. However, Jesus wants us to put that kind of worry aside. And why is that? Because it’s not about us in the first place! We need to remember that. The progress of the gospel doesn’t rise and fall on our strengths, especially not the strength of our personality or on the depth of our intellect or on the extent of our oratorical skills. It’s not only about gritting our teeth and pushing through our difficulties but it’s also about resting in God’s presence and then totally trusting that His Spirit will help us overcome what we are lacking.

So, are you afraid of evangelizing? You really don’t need to be! Just remember, it’s the Spirit who speaks through you, through all of us and touches someone’s heart He so wants to share the good news of the gospel that He will overcome any of the obstacles to get just the exact right message through to just the right person at just the right time. All that He asks of us is that we try our best to recognize and use the opportunities that arise to share the gospel each time one of them comes our way.

No matter what the situation might be, the situation is never about “us” and “them”. Instead it’s about being ignited with God’s love and having the confidence that His Spirit can shine through each of us. With the heart of a true evangelist, eager to pass on the amazing gift we have received, we can witness to the gospel. All we need to do is just open our mouths and speak, resting assured that the Spirit will take care of any obstacles that might arise.

Jesus, You want everyone to receive the awesome gift of Your redemption! Help us to put away our worries so that this life of Yours can flow out of us and touch the people You put in our paths.


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