The Beatitudes

“Blessed are you.”  (Matthew 5:11)

Bloch-SermonOnTheMountThe beautiful and heartfelt Beatitudes was a way for Jesus to explain what it means to be well off spiritually or to know God’s grace and protection and to feel His blessing despite what you might be going through in your life. “Blessed” means happy or fortunate and Jesus meant it when He talked about the Beatitudes. He is telling us the following:

“Happy are you who are poor in spirit, you who recognize that life, even all the world’s riches, is not enough. God has so much more for you, and so you can raise your heart and soul heavenward, and cry, ‘Abba, Father, I need You!’ Blessed are you who know that my Father delights in answering that prayer. It pleases Him to give you the kingdom.”

He also tells us this in the Beatitudes:

“Happy are you who mourn. Your heart is like my Father’s. He saw the men and women He created, the apple of His eye, turn from Him. He saw the darkness that crept in because of their sin, and He mourned over the way that darkness obscured the light He made. He mourned, too, as He watched me, His only Son, die in agony. My Father knows what it is to mourn, and He will comfort you. He will never abandon or forsake you.”

He goes onto to tell us this:

“Happy are you who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for that hunger reveals a desire for me! I am your righteousness, and when you seek me, you will find me. I gave my life for you so that you could find me. I died so that you could live in holiness before my Father. Day after day, I send you my Holy Spirit to lead you in all righteousness.”

All of us can experience this happiness if we allow ourselves to. The reason we can is that God Himself has fashioned our hearts like His; He has set eternal life in our hearts. This means that our hearts are made in the image of His heart and this means that we can become as He is: merciful, peaceful, pure, meek, humble, gentle as well as forgiving. We just need to let the love of God fill our hearts so that we might be able to enjoy this happiness that He has to offer us. He can satisfy us like no one else in our lives can and He loves doing it if we would just let Him in! Think about that for a moment, the God of creation delights in making us happy! It makes Him happy to make us happy! What a concept! It makes God happy to bestow upon us the riches of His kingdom. It makes Him happy to give us comfort and He is more than happy to help bring us to maturity as we start to take on His very nature!

“All praise to You, Father! When I seek You, I know I will find You. Should I mourn, You will comfort me. You will satisfy my longing for righteousness. Happy am I indeed!”






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