Behind Every Great Man…

“She…has contributed all she had.”  (Mark 12:44)

womenWe all have heard it said that behind every great man, there is a great woman. Even though we all know that Jesus was far more than a great man, still, the Gospels are filled with great examples of how He found solace, strength and even encouragement from the women in his life that had deep faith. For example there’s Martha’s sister, Mary, who kept Him company in the face of very strong cultural pressures as Martha kept busy in the kitchen. Later she anointed Him in a beautiful selfless act of faith that simply refreshed His deeply weary heart. Then there was the woman who was suffering from chronic hemorrhaging and she had such deep faith that she believed that by just touching His cloths she would be healed. This deep faith drew out His healing powers and it also gave her His assurance of salvation. Then there is the Syrophoenecian woman, whose humble tenacity simply inspired Him and of course His mother Mary and let’s not forget Mary Magdalene, whose devotion and total gratitude were manifested through financial support and her courage to visit His tomb when everyone else stayed behind closed doors in fear for their lives.

If you read Mark 12:38-44 you will see how the poor widow in this Gospel reading also belongs in this company of very heroic and faith filled women! There were many rich who gave large sums of money to the treasury receptacles in the Temple, but here was a poor widow who gave all that she had and Jesus was deeply touched by her gift of just a few cents. This caused Him to have deep admiration for this woman because after all she had just given all she had to the Temple, all that she had to live on and she gave it freely to support this house of worship. By making this offering, she was entrusting herself completely to God.

You can see how this act of total abandonment affect Jesus, in fact it touched Him so deeply that He pointed out what she had done to His disciples. He may have been so deeply moved because He knew He was standing on the precipice of His own final and totally complete offering to God: the cross. Maybe because it was after a long day of disputing with the Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes that He found some comfort in this woman’s simple act of faith. Whatever it was that moved him, this woman actually ministered to Jesus!

We can also inspire Jesus by our own trust in God. We too can bring joy to His heart if we show Him courageous love today and every day. So why not start giving from our substance and not just from our surplus. Why not try to trust that He will meet our needs? Let’s all try to engage our hearts a little more when we pray, and let’s try to look for new ways to step out in our faith as we face each new day.

“Jesus, you once said that you had nowhere to lay your head. Here I am, Lord; let my heart become a resting place for you.”


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