Jesus the Fulfillment of Prophecies and We are His Prophets

“We ourselves are proclaiming this good news to you that what God promised our fathers He has brought to fulfillment for us, their children.”  (Acts 13:32-33)

Prophets_logoSo, what do you think about prophecy? Do you believe? If you read Acts 13:26-33 and even John 14:1-6 you’ll see where they talk a lot about fulfillment of prophecies. Both are like two lamps that are illuminating an enigmatic gift from God. The first lamp that shines it’s light on fulfillment of prophecies is in Acts where Paul is preaching the gospel to the Jews in Pisidian Antioch. He draws from the traditional messianic prophecies in the Hebrew Scripture and he points to Jesus being the fulfillment of these old prophecies. He even includes in his sermon a verse from Psalm 2 where we find him prophesying about the glorious and divine sonship of Jesus Christ.  In this part of Acts we discover that it is prophecy that reveals Jesus to us and points all people to Him! There are other scripture passages that confirm this point as well and that “witness to Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Revelation 19:10).

Then if you take a look at John 14:1-6, you will see Jesus telling his disciples that He was going to go away but would return for them and then He would welcome them into His Father’s house. This is like a second lamp that shines for us showing us that the prophecy is meant to encourage His people. Even if their delivery may sometimes seem a little harsh, these prophecies are all intended to help God’s children to go down the right path. Basically, prophecy in the Bible is really nothing more than receiving a message from God.

This means that because we all at one time or another receive messages from God, we all in a sense are meant to prophesy: we are all meant to give people a message that is going to help them draw closer to God and to help encourage them along the right path to Him.

So, can God give you, me, all of us a special uplifting word that might strike someone’s heart deeply? Of course! This is especially true as you go through your day and make sure you keep one ear tuned well to hear His voice calling out to you. Even if you don’t happen to receive a really specific message, you still have something to say that could be very important to someone else who is in need of hearing “the good news”. Our lives are stories that have dramatic twists and turns that have had God present in them, there are more than likely plenty of times that God has revealed Himself to us and these can often be things that we can share with others.

Today, go to Jesus with an open heart and an open mind. Pay close attention to the thoughts that might come to you in prayer – thoughts about your family, about a friend or even a neighbor. Is there a message or prophecy that God wants to grace you with so that you can share it with others who need to see the light?

“Here I am, Lord! Give me the heart of a prophet!”

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