The Good News

“Steadfast is his kindness toward us.” (Psalm 117:2)

Good-News-Panel-1“Alleluia” is the word for this joyful Easter season. It’s because Christ is risen! That’s great news, right? You bet it is. However, do we know, I mean really know what this wonderful news really is? After all, it’s not just that the Jews conspired with the Romans to crucify Jesus so he could rise from the dead for us. It’s not just that we’re sinners and Jesus saved us all. It’s really not that at all. What it really means is that while we were sinners, God, our Father loved us so much he gave up his only Son so that we might be freed from the chains of the slavery of sin in order to be in communion with him again! Now that is the great and glorious news of the Easter season! Because of this, there is no sin, no failing, no weakness that has or ever will disqualify us from being the object of God’s eternal love for each of us!

“The fidelity of the Lord endures forever.” (Psalm 117:2)

Even though, no matter hard we try, we will and do fall short of the glory of our God. But lucky for us, his love isn’t dependent on how well we respond to him. He loves us all because he created each and every one of us. Period, end of discussion. In fact he loves everything that exists, because he doesn’t hate a single thing that he has created in this world. After all, why would he create something just to turn around and hate it? This is incredible good news. When we allow his endless love for us touch our lives, it simply melts our hearts and it can overtake us, if we let it. When you feel that love, don’t you just want to shout it out “God loves me! Always and forever!”?

If you read Acts 9:1-20 and John 6:52-59, you will see how the depth of God’s love is revealed to us. He loves us even if we are breathing murderous threats like Saul, he loves us when we blindly respond to his word, he loves us when we say, “Here I am, Lord” and even when we disagree with him or even try to tell him his business. He loves us if we quarrel and oppose and find faults in his very own ways as the Jews did and he loves us when we just simply don’t get it, don’t understand or if we fail to respond or if we don’t act correctly as some of the disciples of Christ did.

It’s simple for God, may not be to us, but he loves us ALL the time and there is nothing ever that is going to change that eternal fact. This is the great and glorious news that EVERYONE needs to hear, not just a select few, but EVERYONE! We can’t earn God’s love, he has already given it to us freely and without question. There is not one single person, who wants to know it, who is beyond the reach of God’s love. When we call to him, when we seek his presence he hears us, each and every one of us. When we seek him honestly with all our hearts we will find him and he will lavish all of his love upon us! Remember, he has nothing but steadfast kindness for all of us and his faithfulness endures forever and ever!

“Father, steady me in your love today. Hold me upright in it. Reassure me of it when I’ve fallen short, and strengthen me in it where I am weak.”

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