Friday, April 10th John 21:1-14

“I am going fishing.”  (John 21:3)

jesusfishWhen Jesus was resurrected it really left His disciples with a lot to think about. Even though they had changed a lot, in John 21:1-14 you can see where there were still some things that remained the same. After all, Peter and the others still had to eat, they still had to take care of their families and wonder of all wonders, they still could rely upon Jesus to continue to work His wonders in their lives.

It sure wasn’t the first time that Jesus had helped Peter and the others when it came to a miraculous catch of fish. It happened before in the very beginning when their discipleship with Jesus began. You read about it in Luke 5:1-11. However, now at the end of their time with Him on earth, just before He is about to sent them off to preach and to build His Church, Jesus shows that He has absolutely no intention of leaving them totally alone on their own, to fend for themselves. He may be getting ready to ascend to heaven but He is still going to be with them. He will continue to open up new doors and new and even brighter horizons for all of them.

A lot of us can recall examples of when God has worked in our lives in the past. Maybe it was some dramatic healing or a conversion of heart. Maybe it was a gradual sense of His presence that made us change our way of thinking. Or, maybe He helped us mend a broken relationship. These things are all beautiful experiences that we should always treasure and share with others. They are not meant to be kept a secret because it’s not the end of the story! It doesn’t stop with those instances in our lives. If you read John 21:1-14 you will see how it tells each of us that when God steps into our lives, things will change, things do change and they will keep on changing. Step by step, milestone by milestone, the Holy Spirit works within us and beside us to bring us ever closer to Jesus. Even in the most ordinary and everyday aspects of our lives we can take on new and deeper meaning, just because of the presence of God.

Do you feel that God is stepping more deeply into your life right now? If yes, take a look around at all he has already done and now He wants to do even more for you. He wants to give you a much greater sense of belonging to Him. He wants to strengthen the friendships that you have that are all founded on Him. He wants to guide you in all that you do, your work, your family, your friends, church, you name it. Each and every day, He is asking you to cast your net into the sea of His glorious grace so that you can receive deeper and deeper blessings!

“Jesus, I know you have more to give me. Help me not to be satisfied with what I already have. Lord, I want to be a generous receiver of Your grace!”



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