Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 Reflection

“Now is the Son of Man glorified, and God is glorified in Him.”  (John 13:31)

forgivemeThe Last Supper for the apostles was filled with joy but also a lot of confusion for them. They were excited to see all the signs pointing to Jesus taking His rightful place as King of Jerusalem and ridding them of the tyranny of Rome. This was especially made apparent to them as they entered the holy city and heard the cheers from the crowd and all the palms waving from the adoring crowds and of course all the amazing miracles they witnessed. With such powerful displays such as this, they had no doubt that Jesus would rise to power as the great Messiah and the Jews would be free at last.

While they were enjoying themselves in the upper room, Jesus kept trying to show them what kind of king that He was destined to be. He even tried to get them ready for what would be their new roles in His kingdom. However, He then started talking about the fact that He would be leaving them soon and how they were not going to be able to go where He was going. This had to be totally baffling for them! His glory was so very close and yet they still didn’t quite understand that He was telling them that He first had to die in order for Him to be able to sit upon His throne. So in all of this confusion, they made some mistakes.

Can you imagine how Peter must have felt when he heard the cock crow after he ended up denying Jesus those three times that Jesus had said he would? Can you imagine how all the apostles must have felt at the Last Supper when they started arguing about who was the greatest in the kingdom only to realize in the end their teacher was going to end up dead?

All of us make mistakes, but that’s alright because Jesus understands that we are all human and not divine. So what we need to do is to remember that His grace can cover all of our blunders and that His harvest is rich in mercy and love for all of us. The most beautiful miracle of Christianity is that very often, we can undo our mistakes. We can start over and still be who Jesus so wants us to be!

“Lord, You know that I will sometimes make mistakes. Still, I thank You for always being willing to forgive me and for patiently teaching me how to prepare for my journey closer to You.”

Consider reading:

Isaiah 49:1-6

Psalm 71:1-6, 15, 17


Lord, we all know that we make mistakes and blunders in our lives.

Help us to see that even with our flaws and mistakes, Jesus understands.

Help us to know that through these mistakes we can not only learn from them but that we can also learn more about the patience and compassion of Your Son.

Show us that no matter how many times we might stumble and fall You are always there to pick us up again.

Thank You Lord Jesus for never giving up on us.



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