Saturday, March 28th, 2015 Reflections

“I will multiply them, and put my sanctuary among them forever. My dwelling shall be with them; I will be their God, and they shall be my people.”  (Ezekiel 37:26-27)

run to godIf we read  Ezekiel 37:21-28 we see how the people turn away from God but that still doesn’t make Him completely turn away from them, even though they have forsaken Him. Consider the way a hen might gather her chicks when they have gone off. She will spread out her wings to give them a safe place for them to gather and to keep them safe from harm. When the chick burrow under their mother no one can even tell that the chicks are there. This is exactly how God wants us to think of Him.

When God’s chosen children of Israel turned away from Him and decided to follow false gods instead, they began to reap the consequences of their sin of doing so. The temple was destroyed and they were sent away in shame to live in exile and became refugees. However, God still made a promise through His prophet Ezekiel that He would once again gather them back under His wings. He promised that He would forgive them and then renew His covenant of peace with them again. He promised that He would deliver them from their exile, despite the fact they had completely turned their backs on Him.

What God had promised to His fallen children of Israel He has also promised to all of us and He fulfilled that promise in an incredible and powerful way! When we were all lost in exile because of sin, He sent His only Son Jesus to come and bring us all home. By willingly getting upon the cross, Jesus gave up His own life so that all of us would be able to once again find shelter in our Father’s wings.

This is who our God is. He is always gathering and protecting His children. He heals us and He delivers us. We must never forget that He is very near to us and is always willing and ready to welcome us home with open arms. Even if we happen to feel unworthy or if we are feeling distant from Him, that is not how He sees us. How He sees us is like vulnerable children that need His protection and His guidance and this is something that He is always ready to give each and every one of us!

So, no matter what, run to the shelter of His wings today. Put all of your trust in Him. If you feel tempted to be angry or to give into bad thoughts, or when you are feeling downcast or worried about something, or if you are confused or unsure about something, run to Him. He will never refuse you!

“Thank You, Father, for Your love and mercy! Thank You that I can run to You at any time to find Your protection and comfort. You are my deliverer, my shelter, my hope. All I need is in You.”

Consider reading:

Jeremiah 31:10-13

John 11:45-56


Lord, today we stand before you and ask that You shelter us from all harm.

Help us to see that no matter how badly we may have sinned that it is never enough for You to turn away.

Help us to realize that no matter what might happen in our lives, You are always there with open arms to welcome us when we run to You.

Let us never be too afraid or too ashamed to run to You.



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