Friday, March 27th, 2015 Reflections

“The Lord is with me.”  (Jeremiah 20:11)

lord is with meYou more than likely some time in your life have felt that people were out to get you or maybe you may have felt as if someone has worked hard to undermine or even mock you. Well, if you have you sure are in good company. Jeremiah, David, and Jesus all had to respond to public smearing, betrayal and threats in their lives.

So how do we respond when we find ourselves in a bad situation? Do we echo the words of Jeremiah “O Lord of hosts…Let me witness the vengeance you take on them.”  (Jeremiah 20:12)? Or do we choose to follow the words of Jesus: “Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your heavenly Father”  (Matthew 5:44-45)?

Try to put yourself in the shoes of Jeremiah who has been given a huge task of proclaiming all kinds of prophecies about the judgment of God on his wayward family members, friends and other countrymen in Jeremiah 4:1-4. He prays to God to have mercy for his people but the people end up repaying Jeremiah by plotting to kill him. This turns Jeremiah’s prayer in 20:10-13 a lot less merciful after he finds out there is a second plot to kill him.

Even though Jeremiah does add a pretty sharp and vengeful request in his prayer to God, he still does exemplify a quite admirable response to the injustice and malice he is experiencing in his life. What he does is take his severely broken heart to God. This is a huge sign of trust in God and this trust in Him pleases the Lord immensely and quite deeply. Jeremiah is confronted by God and He gives him the strength to carry on and to do the task that is asked of him and at the same time he is rescued from the power of the wicked who were plotting against him.

Do we believe that we can go to our Father in the exact same way? Whether you believe it or not, it is true! It is not going to upset Him one bit to hear us proclaim our frustrations to him, to show Him how angry we are about a situation or a perceived injustice. In fact, to be honest,  God truly understands that it is far better to let this anger out on Him than to keep it inside or worse yet, act upon it in a negative manner. God knows our hearts and He is always there ready to give us His heart as we pour out ours to Him in prayer!

It is important to try this open and two-way approach with Him and once you do, you will start to see all those prayers filled with frustration and anger begin to turn into prayers that are filled with compassion and mercy. So why not give God the time ? He will transform you!

“Father, I trust that You will be patient with me when I share my heart with you. Please hear my prayer, and teach me the way of love and forgiveness.”

Consider reading:

Psalm 18:2-7

John 10:31-42


Lord there are times when we all experience the feeling of being hurt by others.

Help us to see that even though this may be a painful and frustrating part of life, You are there with us.

Remind us that it is perfectly alright for us to be angry over an injustice as long as we handle it Your way.

Gently remind us that it is OK to come to You in anger and frustration and express it to You openly for Your shoulders are both wide and strong.



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