Thursday, March 26th, 2015 Reflections

“Before Abraham came to be, I AM”  (John 8:58)

iamIn John 8:51-59 there is a long conversation going on with the Jewish leaders and Jesus and during it all, Jesus has been hinting toward His identity and angering His strongest opponents in the process. Up to this point they were calling Him a liar, accused Him of demon possession and maybe even being a Samaritan. We can probably all imagine them asking Him “Just who do you think you are?!” They definitely found it difficult to swallow what He was saying but when Jesus went beyond just implying that He was greater than even Abraham the great patriarch of their nation it was far more than they could stand. Jesus was now saying that He was “I AM” and this was something only allowed to be said by Yahweh, but Jesus was now identifying Himself with the Almighty God! Yikes! This statement was so infuriating to the priests an Pharisees that they started picking up stones so they could stone Him to death.

Today we find ourselves in the middle of a totally different dilemma. Many people today simply don’t think much about Jesus and His identity. In fact some of them just see Him as not much more than a very noble man or a doer of good deeds. Because of this, their vision of life is greatly limited.

But for those of us who truly believe, really do understand who Jesus is and we realize that He can open up possibilities in our lives that we may never have even considered possible on our own. We know that Jesus is the great “I AM”. We understand that in His person resides all the different qualities of God Himself. We realize that He is the eternal Son of God and that He has always existed, even before the dawn of time. Before the world began, Jesus was always predestined to rule over us all, just like a gentle shepherd tends his sheep. Even before Adam and Eve fell into sin, God still had intended to send Jesus to us in order to fill us all with divine life and bring all of us into His glorious presence.

Those of us who truly believe in Christ know whenever we hear Jesus declare Himself “I AM” that our hearts will be stirred and that we know we are assured a safe place in His loving arms. Hearing Him say those words tells us that the eternal God truly does know every moment of our lives and that He is always there with us in each and every situation that we are faced with. Isn’t that awesome?! Even when we stumble and fall in our sin and even sometimes wavering belief, Christ is still there ready to pick us up and lead us right back into His loving Father’s arms.

What an incredible love the Father has for all of us! Today and every day, we need to thank Him for His never ending faithfulness and ask that His Spirit impress these glorious truths more deeply into our hearts!

“Jesus, how comforting it is to know of Your unfailing love! Let your word penetrate my heart, that I may see You as You truly are: the awesome, eternal Son of God.”

Consider reading:

Genesis 17:3-9

Psalm 105:4-9


Lord Jesus, we ask that You continue to show us who You are.

Even when we stumble and fall over our sins, remind us that You are there to pick us up.

We thank You Lord for not only Your love, mercy, and compassion, but also for Your grace of patience.

We pray that every Word You say to us will deeply penetrate our hearts so we can truly see who You really are.

The glorious Son of God, the great I AM!


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