Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 Reflections

“For this reason, they tried all the more to kill Him, because He not only broke the Sabbath but He also called God His own father. ”  (John 5:18)

forgivingIn John 5:17-30 we see what began as a justification for a healing on the Sabbath turned into a hugely profound revelation of Jesus’ unity with the Father in heaven. Now that is what one would call explosive, especially back in the time of Christ! The Jews of His time wanted Jesus to explain to them why He thought He could ignore their laws, and Jesus simply answered them by saying that He was one with God the Father.

Of course, none of this is shocking to us about Jesus being God’s Son or that this eternal, immortal Son of God actually died. We’ve had two thousand years to digest it through history, theology and our own experiences to make it a lot easier for us. We are all comfortable saying that we are children of God; that the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit are three Persons in one God, and that we have been brought to share in the life of the glorious Trinity. However, these ideas were absolutely revolutionary to the Jews in the time of Jesus yet for us being so accustomed to believing this way we might be risking the fact that we might be taking this revolutionary truth for granted.

So, we need to stop and realize that even to this very day the Gospels are explosive! For instance, take just one of the Gospels truths and spend a little time thinking about it. Think about the fact that in confession every single one of our sins are wiped away, forever! When we confess our sins to God, they are erased, forever! This is the Gospel truth! How explosive is that?! There is nothing that we have done that is too big for God to forgive and forget. He will never ever hold it against us! He will never look at you or me and say “That person who did that horrible thing.” He will only continue loving us, embracing us and offering us more and more of His transforming grace! Now that’s explosive!

So, let this explosive truth, or maybe another one found in the Gospels roll around in your mind. Whatever it is you choose to think about, let it lift you up and fill you with joy!

“Holy Spirit, Your truth is living and active. Bring that truth to life in me today!”

Consider reading:

Isaiah 49:8-15

Psalm 145:8-9, 13-14, 17-18


Lord help us to believe that the forgiveness that we are given is forever!

Let us see that Your love for us is so immense that it cannot allow for You to hold our sins against us.

Help us see that the closer we come to You and the more that we ask for forgiveness the more You will continue to love us and embrace us and shower us with Your transforming and glorious grace.

Let us never forget how explosive and joy filled Your Gospels are and help us share this continued Good News with those around us.


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