Monday, March 16th, 2015 Reflections

“This was the second sign Jesus did.”  (John 4:54)

faithIn the first few chapters of John, Jesus performs two miraculous “signs” in the village of Cana. The first one is when he changes the water into wine at the request of His mother during a wedding celebration. The second one is when Jesus heals a royal official’s son who was on the brink of death. Both of these stories end on a similar note; those who happen to witness the sign put their faith totally in Jesus. Whenever Jesus performs a miracle, it is an invitation to believe, it is an opening for deeper faith.

If we look at these two contrasting settings in the two stories we will notice some differences. The wedding at Cana is a Luminous Mystery of love, joy and brand new beginnings. The young couple is starting their new life together. Then the next story is in stark contrast to the first about a young life that is about to be cut short. Putting these stories together perhaps we can see how they relate to our everyday lives. We know that not every day of our lives are filled with joy and happiness like the wedding at Cana because it can swing from joy to sorrow in a heartbeat. If we look close however, we can see how Jesus wants to be close to us no matter what our situation is like in our lives. He wants to be there to help bring joy out of each situation.

If we are in a happy moment in life, we cannot forget the One who has been so good to us during that happy moment. We need to remember to thank Him for all of our blessings. If our life swings into sad moments we then must try our best to put our faith in the Lord. Jesus told the royal official “Go; your son will live.”  (John 4:50). He is doing the same to us when we are experiencing the sad moments in our lives, He is telling us “Go” – to believe before actually seeing.

The Gospel of John is filled with a lot of different “signs”, many more than just these two very famous ones. Over and over again he tries to tell us to pray for miracles so that our faith can and will deepen. He tells us to look at the signs of God’s presence that are already all around us so that we can believe even more than we do now.

Mary was completely full of faith during the wedding in Cana. She knew that her son Jesus would act to save the banquet. The royal official on the other hand didn’t have nearly as much faith as Mary did, however, he still had just enough. None of us need perfect faith in order to see God work miracles. We just need to go to Jesus and ask Him for help. Then, when we see the signs, our hearts will rejoice in God’s love!

“Jesus, help me to deepen my faith in you – in good times and in bad times.”

Consider Reading:

Isaiah 65: 17-21

Psalm 30:2, 4-6, 11-13


Lord we need you constantly to remind us of Your love for us.

As weak humans we often forget to see the miracles You are always performing around us and for us.

Teach us to open our hearts to the truth of Your love.

Help us to remember to thank You for all the good times we enjoy in our lives.

And when dark times strike help us to hold onto our faith and cry out to Jesus for His help.



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