Thursday, March 12th, 2015 Reflections

First off, I apologize for not posting a reflections piece for Wed. I was unable to get to the computer to do so. Hope you will enjoy this one however.


“By the finger of God.”  (Luke 11:20)

finger of GodIf we were to go into battle against some powerful army how would we defend ourselves? We would probably want to have a lot of our own weapons and some bulletproof armor and plenty of people backing us up. But if you read Luke 11: 14-23 you will see that all Jesus needs to overcome the devil and his evil is His finger!

Jesus is so much stronger than the devil, and so much so that when Satan, who might represent a “strong man” bothers us, Jesus, who is the “stronger man” will easily overcome him! This is what the story of the two strong men in Luke 11:14-23 is all about. One man is “strong”, “fully armed,” and has possessions he thinks are safe. But then a “stronger man” comes along, takes away the strong man’s armor, and “overcomes” him. The strong man is Satan, whose lies and temptations can make us feel like hostages.

Where do you feel trapped or held hostage? Perhaps you feel that a pattern of sin or a struggling relationship will never get resolved. The downward spiral is too strong for you to overcome. Don’t give up! Remember Jesus, the stronger man. Remember the finger of God! In story after story in the Gospels, we read about the Lord doing awesome deeds as if it were nothing.

Remember when He was confronted with a violent storm at sea. All He had to do was say, “Quiet! Be still!” and everything went calm. Or think about how He raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead with just two words. Talitha koum.

Satan may be strong, but Jesus is stronger. What’s more, he considers you very valuable. So He will absolutely answer when you call to Him. Remember, He formed you and loves you. He has redeemed you and claimed you as His own. He will always come to your aid.

So invite Jesus into your strong holds. You may not see immediate results, but that doesn’t mean that He isn’t breaking through and answering your prayers. He is! Just stay close to Him. “Gather” to Him instead of “scattering” to other forms of comfort and security. Keep your heart fixed on Him, and you’ll find Him giving you His peace and His deliverance.

“Lord, you are my strong deliverer! In Your protection, I rest secure.”

Consider Reading:

Jeremiah 7:23-28

Psalm 95: 1-2, 6-9


Dear Lord please guide us always but especially during trying times.

Help us to be able to be strong enough to fight off any evil that might surround us.

Give us the courage to be able to face the evil through the power of Christ and His Holy Spirit!



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