Thursday, March 5th, 2015 Reflections

“I, the Lord, alone probe the mind and test the heart.”  (Jeremiah 17:10)

gods graceWhen we do things that are new and strange to us, we often get a feeling of excitement and at the same time an unnerving feeling. This can be the same for when we witness our children do new things. Like the verse above, it can really be exciting for us to learn that God knows what we mean, how we think, and what we truly intend, even if it seems like no one else in the world understands us at all.

God already knows everything about us and He knows all of our difficulties and He supports our efforts to show Him love and to serve Him. At the same time that we learn He knows all, there is something a little unsettling about the way that God can see everything in our hearts, even those things that we try to hide away forever. But, there simply is no point in trying to fool ourselves in to thinking that we can fool the One who is all knowing and created us!

We need to realize that when God goes to probe us, He does it more like the surgeon who is working with a scalpel and not like a lumberjack who is wielding some blunt a at us. The light that God shines into our lives is a very warm light that glows like the sun and not like the cold glare coming from searchlights. He gently tries to uncover our thoughts and our intentions in our hearts and then He skillfully will separate the doubts and defenses, our hopes and desires, purposes and our attitudes. Even if He has to reveal something we need to change in ourselves, He is very quick to assure us of His true love for us and reminds us of all there is good about us. He is not going to probe us so He can point out all our flaws; the reason He does it is so that we can grow into a far deeper relationship with Him.

This is the perfect time of year for us to let the Lord probe us and test our hearts. If the thought of this causes fear inside of you, you should take a few moments out to pause and remind yourself who is actually doing the probing, it is the One who died to bring us eternal life. We are all very precious and honored in His eyes!

Remember, God is beyond patient with us and His forgiveness and grace that He offers us is in completely outrageous abundance. He is rich in truth but also deeply rich in His love. Why not open up your heart to Him now. Sit quietly with Him today in prayer, think about a Scripture passage that has touched you or whatever might recently have touched your heart. He will come and do the rest.

“Father, look into my heart today, examine my thoughts, and strengthen me in Your love.”

Consider Reading:

Psalm 1:1-4, 6

Luke 16:19-31


Lord we know You have an over abundance of grace and forgiveness that You willingly bestow upon us.

We know too that no matter how much we try, there is nothing we can hide from You and nothing we can say or do that will turn You away.

Probe our minds and hearts and gently reveal to us what we need to change. Teach us not to be in fear of Your truth.

Bring us into a deeper relationship with You.


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