Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 Reflections

“My trust is in you, O Lord.”  (Psalm 31:15)

trustWe all worry there is no getting around that truth. What do you worry about? Is it your safety, your health, your job security, your finances, your kids? We all have a running list of the things that we worry about and the world has no problems with telling each of us how to take care of all our worries. It will encourage us to tackle these situations by working harder, by obtaining extra training, getting better insurance or how to influence others. It also offers tons of very self-oriented and self-focused responses which will continue to put our fears at the front of our minds. We live in a very self-centered society, probably the most self-centered in history.

If you read Matthew 20:17-28 you will see that this kind of thing is even going on in the Gospel with James and John being overly concerned about their own future all the while Jesus is talking about how He is going to be mocked, scourge and put to death by being crucified on a cross. So what is this going to mean for the disciples? At the time, their own personal and selfish worries are of so much more concern than that of Christ, their Lord.  In fact they start working with their mother to come up with a long term career plan, so to speak. This is when the mother and sons go and ask Jesus to approve of their personal proposal for James and John to be His main men in His kingdom. Even though they try to make it look as if they are doubling down on their commitment to Jesus, their true motives are extremely self-centered.

This is where Jesus takes this opportunity to remind all of His disciples that this isn’t His path, that He is taking. Instead His path is one of humility, trust and surrender to a bigger plan set down by His Father in heaven. It is a path that is filled with self-giving and not self-centeredness and self-protection. Jesus is not going to promote His own interests and God doesn’t want us promoting our own interests either. Instead He wants for us to follow His way of sacrificial love and to always trust that He will care for all of our needs.

The big problem with this world’s self-oriented approach to life is that it makes all of our worries in life take top priority and it reduces our life with Christ to something that we often tend to only in what little free time that we have. However, we need to stop and realize here and now, that Jesus is the MOST important One! As we try to reorder our lives we need to do so in a manner in which our lives reflect the values of His kingdom. When we do this, we will soon discover that those worries of ours will lose their all encompassing nature. We can then become more confident that God will take care of us at all times, good and bad.

So stop and think about what you might be worrying about today. Are you trying to take care of it all on your own? Or are you praying Psalm 31:5-6, 14-16? Relax and put your heart, mind and soul at rest by handing over your destiny, your safety, your family, your life to the Lord. If you find that you are having issues letting go, then try and focus on Jesus’ love for you instead of whatever it is you are worrying about. Stop and ask Him how you can imitate His love more and let Him take care of everything else.

“Lord, I trust you. Teach me how to live in Your love.”


Consider Reading:

Jeremiah 18:18-20

Matthew 20:17-28


Lord we too often worry and fret about things that will no longer matter once we have left this world behind. Show us today that there is no need to worry and let us hear Your words “Do not be afraid.”

Help us to understand that no matter what we plan, no plan is greater than the plan You have for each of us.

Help us to learn humility and to surrender to Your plan, not ours.

Teach us to trust in You and to follow the path of self-giving and not self-protection.



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