Wednesday February 25th, 2015 Reflections

“A heart contrite and humbled, O God, you will not spurn.”  (Psalm 51:19)

humbleheartGod will never turn us away if we approach him with a heart that is humble and contrite and one way that we can do this is to look inside of ourselves and see if we are holding within our hearts unforgiveness or ill feelings towards someone without even truly realizing that we are doing this. If we find that there are these hidden feelings within our hearts we need to approach God with a repentant heart so that we might rid ourselves of these things so that we are not burdened by them. Being repentant is crucial for us if we really want to grow in our relationship with God.

Our Father in heaven is patiently waiting for us with an unfathomable and unconditional love, waiting for us to turn back to Him. Think about the one thief who hung on the cross beside Jesus. With just a few words of repentance he confesses that he has sinned and then turns to Jesus to ask Him for salvation. At that very moment of repentance Jesus promises him a place beside Him in heaven! At the very last hour of that mans life, God’s patience paid off for both God and the thief. God had a child of His return to the fold and the man received salvation.

Remember, Jesus has not come “…to call the righteous to repentance but sinners.”  (Luke 5:32). This means all of us! The invitation that Christ offers is wide and generous. Whether we have committed extremely horrible sins or just told a “little white lie”, He asks us to come clean with ourselves and with Him. He so much wants to shower us with all His mercy and grace but He needs for us to take that first step toward Him through repentance.

When we approach Jesus with humble honesty about how we have fallen short, how we are broken, He will take care of the rest for us. A simple and honest confession of “I have sinned,” is all that He asks of us, nothing more. Just a brief moment when we are exposed before the Lord is a great moment of joy for Him. It means to Him that we have come back to Him and now He can fully embrace us, forgive us, and heal us!

“Father, thank you for your mercy! Help me always to be open and honest with you.”

Consider reading:

Jonah 3:1-10

Luke 11:29-32


Lord, we all are guilty of holding things against people, committing sins, big and small and not exposing ourselves to the truth of what we have done openly. We often hold things within our hearts and carry on as if there is nothing wrong or that we have done no wrong.

Help us to realize that we must come to You with a humble heart and to do that we need to cleanse our thoughts and our hearts.

Show us the way to repentance so that we might approach You with contrite and humble hearts. Help us to not be afraid to honestly tell you that “I have sinned.”

Thank You Lord for your patience and mercy.



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