Saturday, February 21, 2015 Reflections

“Levi gave a great banquet.”  (Luke 5:29)

a011a-happylentseason2_1152The tax collector Levi was not living  a very fulfilling life when he first met Jesus. Working for the Roman  occupation found him ostracized by his own people. The only friends he had were those that were attracted to his money. He also knew deep in his heart that he was not living the life that God had wanted for him. But when Jesus came around and asked him to follow Him, he jumped at the chance. He saw the opportunity as a way out of his sin and restlessness and once he started following Jesus, his life began to fall  into place. He even threw a grand party to celebrate.

Levi’s story rings out the truth and wisdom of the words of Isaiah when he said “If you remove from your midst oppression…light will rise for you.” (Isaiah 58:9,10) When Levi decided to follow Jesus his life aligned with God’s desires for him. Levi was overjoyed and was experiencing the thrill of conversion.

Isaiah also speaks to us, especially those who are in the middle of their faith journey. Once the oppression is removed through repentance, confession and conversion, we will find the challenge of following God’s way in our daily lives. This includes many different things such as daily prayer, helping those in need, honoring the Sabbath, and treating everyone around us with the same kind of love and compassion Christ does. Even though this can be difficult at times God gives us the promise of joy knowing that we are coming into alignment with His plans and not our plans. He also promises to strengthen us every step of way.

Whether you are in the “Levi Phase” of experiencing the joy of your new found faith in God or in the “Isaiah Phase” where the initial  excitement of your faith has worn off, and God is now asking you to put your faith into action more completely, both paths are wonderful. Both experiences are blessings in their way. You are building a foundation of faith that will be filled with peace and joy that will be able to wPrayer

ithstand any storm if you continue to hold onto Christ on your journey.

Remember, no matter  where you are on your faith journey, God sees and knows your heart. He knows your joys as well as your struggles and He is committed to pouring out blessings on your life.

“Lord, keep me close to you! Give me the joy of knowing that my life is coming into alignment with yours.”

Consider Reading:

Isaiah 58:9-14

Psalm 86:1-6


Lord, help us to stay on the path that You have set before us.

Look deep into our hearts and give us what we need to continue on our faith journey.

Give us the strength to carry on even during the most difficult times.

Stand with us even if our faith falters.

Help us become stronger in our faith so that we might shine like a beacon in the darkness for all to see.

Help us to recognize what it is that You want for us to do on our journey to You.



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