February 20th, 2015 Reflections

“Then your light shall break forth like the dawn.”  (Isaiah 58:8)

Lent (1)Many of us, if not all of us often house two potential blockages to the light of Christ: clutter and dust, much like a house that is filled with too many things and neglected. The clutter that we find in our lives can be our human treasures such as material possessions, habits, hopes and dreams, our old memories that haunt us, all of which can often take priority over the Lord. These things are not all necessarily bad things to have in our lives, however, they do need to be reorganized and then put in their proper place behind Christ and not in front of Him.

The dust that clutters our life is the sin that can build up just as the dust in a house can build up if not constantly taken care of. This dust can build up in our hearts and block us from the light of Christ by keeping us in the shadows and darkness of sin.

Often fasting can be seen as a way of dealing with the clutter in our lives, not just food fasting, but giving up things in our lives, doing more things that pertain to God. Repentance is something that can be seen as a way to clean off the dust on our hearts. Telling God we are sorry and asking Him to forgive us is a spiritual way to blow away the dust of sin that has accumulated.

By doing these things we will be able to reorder our lives so that Jesus will get top billing and we will be able to let His light shine in us and through us much more brightly. Fasting can be compared to spring cleaning as we spruce up our spiritual lives and put away some of the unnecessary baggage in our lives. We can get a better view of the sins in our lives when we do some form of fasting and we can see why the light of Christ has been blocked from us.

This Lent, try to put aside a few things, do less of them or don’t do them at all. Things like time on the computer, give up a favorite food, down on activities that take all your time away from God, or whatever it is that might give you a little more time to focus on the true prize, Jesus Christ. Try to make it your goal to let in as much of the Son light as you possibly can. As you do, you will discover just how much joy there is in choosing a simpler and less cluttered life.

“Lord you are my light! Come and break forth like the dawn in my heart!”


Consider Reading

Isaiah 58:1-9

Psalm 51:3-6, 18-19


Lord, often we can become overwhelmed by all the glitz and glitter of this world and we can at times lose sight of the real prize, Your Son, Jesus Christ.

This Lent show us how to slow down and how to block out the mixed signals that this world is constantly sending us.

Show us the way of Your Son so that we might pick ourselves up off the ground and follow Him.

Help us to see more clearly what it is that You want for us and teach us to be more closely like Your Son so that we might one day share in His glory and the salvation He offers.



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