Short Prayers

Praying_Hands007I hope you will find these prayers to be of comfort and hope.  God Bless


God is in the smallest of things as well as in the greatest. Let us remember this when we are discouraged.

Lord, help us to realize that You accomplish much in greatness but also help us to see that You also can be seen doing Your glorious work even in the smallest of things.

Help us to recognize Your presence even in the smallest of details in our lives. Help us to see that great and small are equal in Your eyes and teach us to be able to see the same way.



Lord, we know that sometimes we find it difficult to see what You are doing for us when we are faced with difficulties and obstacles in our lives.

Help us to see that it is just as important to praise You in the storm as it is when our lives are full of blue skies and sunshine.

Please give us the strength to continue to be faithful to what You have called each of us to do.

Help us to see that the challenges we are faced with are designed not to break us, but instead are designed to bend us to Your Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



How amazed I am each time that I gaze upon Your cross and realize that You, my mighty King died for me.

How amazed I am every time I think that You were willing to leave behind all Your heavenly glory and lower Yourself to be rejected and hated because of Your undying love for me.

How amazed I am every time I realize I am forgiven for all my human frailties and my stubbornness. It never ceases to amaze me at the depth of Your love for me, a mere sinner.

May I never stop being amazed at all You have done for me and for what You continue to do for me in my life.



Jesus, the One who is the friend of sinners, help me to see what You see. Teach me to open my eyes and let my heart be led by mercy so that I might stop pointing my finger.

Help me to see that You are the lover of lost causes and remind me that You never gave up on me and help me to not give up on those that others have turned their backs on.

Help me to open my heart and my doors to those who are lost.

But most of all Jesus, break my heart with what breaks Yours so that I might show more compassion.



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