Our Existence

by Kelsey McKay


Do such things as plants or stars just randomly appear like they were spoken into existence? No way, because God controls everything here on earth and in the universe. So for one to think that we simply evolved from some other species or out of thin air would be ludicrous, God spoke us into existence.

Think about when you are working on your computer and you are “creating” a program for example, one that is completely new. Once you’ve done all the necessary work to bring it alive, you simply hit the enter key and the program “exists”. “So God created human kind making them to be like Himself.” He created! So to say that there is no God makes no sense.

Do we exist, simply to exist? What would be the point of just existing with no greater purpose to this life? We are not just born to this life just to exist, so what is our purpose? God created us in His own image. And then Jesus came down from heaven and died for our iniquities, His only begotten Son, died for us, so, we must have a purpose and finding that purpose is right in front of us. It’s Jesus. He’s the reason. He not only came to save us, He showed us our purpose and the way, the way to heaven to be with the Father who created us.

So, if someone tries to tell you we simply exist without a Creator behind it all, show them how to create something and then have them have them explain how they created it and then ask them to explain how they could have come into existence without a Creator.


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