31 Days of Prayer – Day 31

Daily Prayer of Expectancy

salvationFather in heaven, great and powerful and full of love, I lift my heart in praise for the privilege of coming to You in prayer. Give me special grace as I join Your exalted Son in His ministry of prayer.

Search my heart, Lord, and show me if any sin is hindering Your work in my life. May I respond without delay whenever You make me conscious of sin. How grateful I am for Your total forgiveness the moment I confess my sin, turning back to You as my Lord!

And Father, teach me to pray. How much I yearn to know Your will and Your way. I thank You that Your Son lives within me. What a joy to know that He is my teacher – that through Him I can learn to pray. I can learn to release Your boundless power for both my needs and the needs of many others, near and far. Teach me to pray.

Day by day may Your Spirit work in me, motivating me to abide in Christ and pray in faith, moving Your mighty hand to fulfill Your purposes. Keep reminding me that You are able to do infinitely more than I would ever dare to ask or imagine, by Your mighty power at work within me.

To You be the glory both now and forever.


Pray That God’s People Will Realize Their Worldwide Calling

Dear Lord, how much You love every person in the world and hate to see anyone perish! You are not content for people in vast areas of the earth to sit in darkness without Your Cross lifted high. I am grateful that I can work along with You in Your worldwide purposes.

Thank You that these days of prayer have helped me pray in new ways for myself and others. What a privilege to join Christ in His intercession, to have Him and His Spirit as my nearest and best prayer partners! How gracious of You to welcome me into Your innermost circle of love as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And to think that my prayers are highly significant in Your eyes, and that they can make a great difference in my life, job, family, friends, and marriage, and in countless other lives!

May Your Spirit plant Your burden for the world ever more deeply within me and within all Your children. May He overwhelm us with the privilege of living solely for You and Your kingdom all over the world so that rival interests will lose their luster and their hold on us. Help us to realize that “he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”(Jim Elliott) Stir us to give, to go, but most of all to pray!


To All of You Who Followed This Series!

Now that this 31 day journey is over, we hope this is not the end of the road for you. In fact we encourage you to revisit this series often. You may discover that this 31 day journey gets better each time you take the journey. We would hope that this journey will continue to help your relationship with God will continue to become a warm and loving relationship.

Remember, God always sees to it that you receive far more than you give.

May the God of peace equip you with everything good for doing His will, and may He work in you what is pleasing to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever!



2 Peter 3:9

Acts 26:18; 20:24

Matthew 6:33

2 Timothy 2:3-7

Isaiah 11:9

Hebrews 13:20-21



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