Join Us In – 31 Days of Prayer

prayer_warriorIf you don’t already do some sort of praying each day, here is a way to learn how to make it part of your daily routine. Please join us in this special presentation – 31 Days of Prayer.

An Invitation to Pray

The King of Kings, the Ruler of all Creation has made a call to you, me, everyone. He wants to be able to have some time with you, me, all His children. He really does want us to tell Him about our needs as well as our interests. He is right now and has always asked that we join in partnership with Him, a loving and caring partnership.

Many people long for a meaningful relationship, especially with God, especially in a world that is in so much pain and so fragmented, starting with our own family and friends. What God has in mind for us is great and it starts with prayer. And His invitation to prayer lies at the very heart of His deep love that He has for each and every one of us.

Why Did God Plan Prayer?

Have you ever considered or wondered why God chose to connect His actions with our prayers and praying? What made Him decide that our prayers would cause Him to accomplish some things or expand the things that He does? And even possibly that by our lack of praying might even limit Him? Can’t He be far more efficient without us? Of course He can, but that’s not what is important here. He established the prayers of His people as a very powerful influence on how and when He meets our needs (material, spiritual and emotional) and the needs of others all over the world.

The answer can be found way back and is connected to why God created us. He created us so that we could become His loved ones, His family that He could share a deep and loving relationship with that would be mutually enjoyable for all involved. This immediately shows us the kind of God that He is, a very personal God who deeply values loving relationships more than anything else in the universe that He created. Prior to creating the angels and His people He was already a “Three Person” God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that lived together in perfect harmony and perfect love with an unbroken fellowship. He then decided to create us, His children to be part of His beautiful inner circle of love, for His delight as well as for ours.

Our Father longs to be able to express His boundless love by meeting our needs. Even if we don’t pray He is still the source of every good thing that happens in our lives. But it is prayer that keeps us aware of Him as our true Source and can open our lives to receive even more of His bounty that He has to offer. Prayer also is something that helps  link our lives with His and exciting purposes and power. But most importantly it brings us into a more loving relationship with Him, one that is rooted in the realization of just how much we really need Him in our lives and how much we really do depend on Him. The more that we pray to God, the more we are able to let Him meet our emotional and spiritual needs and help us also to love others.

Rewards of Giving Prayers

When we pray for others, this is a form of giving and praying for God’s best in our lives is also a way of giving to ourselves to Him. When we start learning how to offer up more giving prayers then we begin to grow out of the old habit of “give me” prayers. Giving prayers helps us to accept His call to be partners with Him along with giving us the high privilege of drawing others into His inner circle of love. We take ourselves into a bigger arena of prayer when we learn to pray more broadly and having God’s purposes in mind.

He loves to hear you talk with Him about yourself, so don’t think that’s being selfish. He wants you to pray about your personal needs, the needs of your family and friends, along with the broader spectrum of prayer. The Lord’s Prayer is the best example of how to pray. It has seven requests in it, six of them relate to God’s purposes and our spiritual needs and one that relates to our practical needs in life.

There are all kinds of prayers however, that delight Him; worship and thanksgiving, confessing our sins, quiet communion, praying for our own needs or petitions, praying for our loved ones and others or intercessions. All of these are part of what is known as mature praying, which is part of our wonderful privilege of conversing with our Father in heaven.

Broader Giving Prayer

Over the next 31 days it is hopeful that you who read this will learn how beneficial it is to pray in a broader fashion and how much of a privilege it really is because in it you will become partners with Jesus, the Great Intercessor. Through it we join Him in His inner circle of prayer where our own prayers embrace His deepest longings as well as our very own. And it gives us the opportunity to make a difference even if we don’t realize that we are at the time. Not only do intercessory prayer bring wonderful blessings to others but it also sends blessing our way. Through this type of prayer we receive more than we give and we become more than we are.

Giving prayer is one beautiful way of spending ourselves for others. It actually places us in a situation where we can receive more of what God has promised in many Scriptures in the Bible. “If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday. The Lord will guide you always He will satisfy your needs in a sun scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.” Isaiah 58:10-11

A Richer Prayer Life is Waiting

Many may feel they just have the time to devote to prayer. Well, the good news for those who feel their lives are already too overbooked is that this isn’t about spending hours upon hours on prayer. You are simply being invited to invest just 10 to 15 minutes of your day to grow in prayer with God. This series of prayer is meant to encourage you to pray and not to pressure you or make you feel guilty.

Sure God calls some of His children to perform intensive ministry of prayer and that’s wonderful. But our loving Father also is happy with a middle ground between super intercession and no prayer life at all. This is because He welcomes us into His presence and He honors us when we show that we really do care and when we try, He is pleased. We need to remember that prayer begins with a personal relationship and not on our performance.

When God calls us to pray He is giving us an invitation for success and we even take a few minutes out of our day to pray, we are succeeding in His eyes. Remember He has promised to hear and answer prayer, even if our prayers seem insignificant in our eyes, they are not insignificant in the eyes of our Father.

God isn’t commanding or demanding us “Pray!” like some drill sergeant and then stands back to see if we’ll obey that command or just come by to inspect us. No, it’s an invitation that is welcoming us into the high privilege of talking with Him. Sure God yearns for us all to pray, but He doesn’t want all of us to pray exactly in the same way. He knows that how we pray depends upon who we are and what our lives are like on a daily basis. Remember, He is a patient God.

What to Expect During the 31 Days of Prayer

As pointed out earlier, as long as you have at least 10 to 15 minutes to devote you should be able to get through this easily, however, if you are inspired to spend more time, there is no doubt that He won’t mind.

In this series each day will include the following that is suggested you say prior to the prayer of the day:

Daily Prayer of Expectancy

Father in heaven, great and powerful and full of love, I lift my heart in praise for the privilege of coming to You in prayer. Give me special grace as I join Your exalted Son in His ministry of prayer.

Search my heart, Lord, and show me if any sin is hindering Your work in my life. May I respond without delay whenever You make me conscious of sin. How grateful I am for Your total forgiveness the moment I confess my sin, turning back to You as my Lord!

And Father, teach me to pray. How much I yearn to know Your will and Your way. I thank You that Your Son lives within me. What a joy to know that He is my teacher – that through Him I can learn to pray. I can learn to release Your boundless power for both my needs and the needs of many others, near and far. Teach me to pray.

Day by day may Your Spirit work in me, motivating me to abide in Christ and pray in faith, moving Your mighty hand to fulfill Your purposes. Keep reminding me that You are able to do infinitely more than I would ever dare to ask or imagine, by Your mighty power at work within me.

To You be the glory both now and forever.


You will also find after each daily prayer recommended Scripture for you to read as well.

We will begin with the first daily prayer beginning tomorrow Oct. 31st since there are only 30 days in November.

God Bless!


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