A Lesson in Patience

Patience-e1345063597158My husband and I finally got moved to Central Oregon from Portland, Oregon and like for most people it can be a huge stressor in their lives to have to pick up and move after being in one place at one time. However, most people don’t also face a complete and total remodel of the inside of the home they are moving to. Quickly, I am learning that this move is beginning to look like a lesson in patience.

It was difficult to accept the move, after being involved with one church family for over 10 years, but I finally realized that I had finished what God had intended me to do where I was and that it was time for me to move on because he had now a new plan for me. What that plan is right now, I do not know, however, every time I look at all the work that needs to be done to the inside of our new home I sometimes sit down and just cry. But then I hear a whisper in my ear that says “Patience my child, patience.”

Sometimes I feel a little ashamed because I get so frustrated, forgetting how God has provided for us. This home, if you can believe it, was given to us for free. The circumstances of why this came about I will not go into any detail over, but when it all comes down to it, it was still through the hand of God that we were so well provided for by him. We could never have owned our own place in Portland and would have continued to have been at the mercy of property management companies that saw nothing wrong with raising our rent twice a year! So, I know I should rise above the frustrations that the total remodel is creating. This is why I truly think that God is giving me a huge lesson in patience.

I am truly missing all my friends I left behind, especially Fr. John, my dear friend and priest, but again, I am beginning to realize that God has a plan for me and that again I must continue to learn patience. As frustrated as I get at times, when I sit down and cry out for his help I can feel him next to me, putting his arms around me and giving me the strength to get up and move on.

Maybe, it’s time for me to read Job again. 🙂


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