It Doesn’t Matter What He Calls You to Do

Many of us Christians feel as if what we are doing in our lives for Christ may not be cutting it. Maybe we’re not doing enough, maybe we’re not involved in the Church enough or in the community. Sometimes we feel that if it’s not something that catches a lot attention of others then we’re not hitting the mark and we’re not making a difference. We couldn’t be further from the truth with that kind of thinking.

The size of what we do, how many people it reaches or how much we do really is not the point here. Especially with God. He does not see a huge gesture of service any different than the tiniest of gestures because in His eyes every thing big or small is beautiful and is part of His vision. A good example of this is Martha and Mary. Here Martha was rushing around making sure all the work was getting done for her guests and she was making sure that each of her guests were being well taken care of and in her frustration she went to Jesus to, well basically whine, about Mary just sitting there listening to what Jesus had to say. Jesus in turn didn’t scold Martha for impatience or her complaining because He truly appreciated what Martha was doing and He knew it was important to her, but He also knew the importance of the simple gesture coming from Mary and her desire to become closer to God through Christ. Jesus appreciated both Mary and Martha for what they did and He loved them both deeply.

This is something that we all need to remember, no matter what it is that God calls us to do, even the smallest thing we must all understand that no task is greater than the other, all tasks that God asks us to do are equally important in His eyes and we should be honored to do them no matter what. We need to stop and realize that every little thing in life around us is all part of the beautiful vision of our God. He wants us to do things that will help us develop a more personal relationship with Him and sometimes that is done through the smallest of tasks such as sitting down and listening to Him.

God knows what He wants us to do and it’s not our job to figure it out, our job is to listen closely to the whisper of His voice in order to discover what it is that He would like for us to do.


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