Evangelization Easier Among the Poorer Countries

It is always being said that we need to go out to the poorer countries and evangelize the Gospel. I have nothing against, of course it needs to be done by those who are called to do so. However, so many times when we are preached to about doing such a thing we tend to forget those of this country and how difficult it is to evangelize in our own country.

Being one of the richest countries in the world, supposedly, you would think that it might not be so difficult to get out there and evangelize, after all they are doing it all over the world where the people are far more difficult to reach physically. But when you stop and look at the poorest of countries against ours, you will soon discover that in the end it is far easier to reach those in the poor parts of the world than it is right here in our own backyard.

Why do you ask? It’s simple, it’s because the people of the poorer countries do not have to deal with greed, envy, the love of money, material items and the like. They concentrate on making sure they have some sort of food and a place to call home or shelter. But hop on over to the US and what have you got? You have a country that is politically shutting God out, taking him out of our schools, our courts and any other public place they possibly can try to forbid Him from entering. Then compound that with a generation of people who don’t even know how to communicate without some electronic device in their hands.

We live in a country that many have overlooked when it comes to spreading the Word of God. We have allowed the technological advancements and material things in life become the main focus. We have become a people who worship everything but God and that can make it a world that is far more difficult to evangelize in.

Christ didn’t just mean the monetarily poor with His heart-felt pity for the people. His heart also ached for those who were poor in spirit, the lost souls. Our country is filled with millions of this type of poor. They may believe that all the objects they want and get are going to make them happy but all it is doing is building a brick wall between them and their savior who only wants to help them get to heaven.

When we are concerned about evangelizing the poor of the poorest, we need to stop and realize that we must consider our own poor at home, those who are lost to the idols of materialism. These could very well be the true poorest of the poor and if we don’t reach out to them, they could be lost forever.

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit would guide us to the poorest of the poor in our own land. Even if it is but one soul that we touch, it is one less lost lamb of Christ.


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