Is your Food Keeping you Alive?

My flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink. John 6:55

Are we sustained by nutritious food or do we consume empty calories void of any nutritious value? The state of our body will not be able to hide years of neglect. Someone once told me that it is difficult to remember the messages they heard in various homilies from attending Mass every Sunday for the past number of years. It’s the same about the meals we have consumed over the years. We may not remember the numerous meals but we know we have been nurtured because we are still alive.

What is the state of our spiritual life? Have we been feed with spiritual messages that have enriched our soul? Have we been fortified by receiving the Eucharist on a regular basis? We need the Word of God because it is the truth and reality of a healthy environment where community thrives. The message of the world is self-realization and individual goals which lead to competition and self-interest. Healthy spiritual messages emphasis the world community that we live in and we as individuals are most alive in a healthy community.

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