That’s Not How it Works With God

I’ve worked with computers since before the days of email and I’ve seen how the technology has grown from the days of the green blinking cursor on a black screen to what we all see today. Technology is fine, it can be a great thing, however it can also be a curse. Especially if you don’t know just how dangerous it can be. Sad to say, this generation has no idea just how dangerous it is and how much of their humanity is being lost through their near total dependence on it.

For someone like me, and others like me, we’ve been able to gradually grow with the technology and learn at the same time not to totally rely on it as this generation. We knew a different and less complicated world and can see the damage this technology is doing to the world around us.

When I say that they are losing their humanity,  they are, and that is not what Christ wants for us. This is “I want it NOW!” generation, they are a generation of instant gratification and that is tearing down their humanity. They are losing touch or have already lost touch with what is important in this world and that is Jesus Christ.

In a world that wants everything now, want answers immediately, they are losing out on what God has to offer them. Because that’s not how it works with God. He discloses His plans for each of us on His own terms and in His own time, for God and eternity there is no time. They miss out on His answers to their prayers because they are to impatient to wait around for it. If they don’t receive an immediate answer, they are dissatisfied and move on believing that God never answers prayers. But He does all the time. But to see those answers it requires patience and that is what is lacking in society today, is the patience to wait.

It’s not easy to follow Christ and He never said it would be because it takes patience to be able to understand what it is He is trying to show us or teach us. This is what makes it so sad today, so many in this world just do not understand the idea of patience and waiting for what is good and pure. They don’t comprehend the idea that their time is just a blink of an eye in the eyes of God.

If you were to prepare the society in which we live to some of the more poverty stricken parts of the world, you would be amazed at how much they differ from us when it comes to having the patience and the faith to believe that God will answer their prayers and how much stronger their faith is that God is always there, will always be there and is preparing a far better place for them in heaven. They understand that their suffering is only temporary and they are filled with far more joy about life and God than most of us in our society. Most people allow themselves to be filled up with “things” in their lives, so much so that it is nearly impossible for God to break through the clutter that hold them back from seeing the truth about what life is all about.

Technology is a very dangerous thing when it comes to our relationship with God, if we allow it to control our world around us we are going to find it more and more difficult to be one with God, we are going to grow further and further away from that spot that Christ has reserved for us by His death on the Cross. We must learn to slow down and rely on God and not the technology that the world says is what we need to survive. We must learn to be patient in order to slow down and realized that God doesn’t work the way we want Him to and trust that He knows what he’s doing. It is time we stopped relying on things of man and turn back to God and rely on His grace and mercy and trust our lives to Him.

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