Let’s live as if we truly believe the Bible

Chris Martin Writes

We’ve all been there.

You do something stupid and mope around for several days thinking God is mad at you. As Christians, we have been programmed that way. To waller around in the mire of guilt and condemnation because, after all, we are just sinners trying to get it right. Where, in the Bible, do we find the instructions for such actions?

As he hung on the Cross, Jesus said “It is finished.” Sin was defeated right then and there. Period.

We are no longer under the rule of sin. It has no power over us whatsoever. Why do we live a defeated life, always believing we’re giving into sin? If we truly believe in Christ, and the finished work of the Cross, we are no longer living by the flesh. We aren’t sinners who keep screwing up. We are sons and daughters of God.

He looks at us as…

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