Seek a Word

“He sends forth his command to the earth: swiftly runs his word!” Psalm 147:15

There are so many words coming to us each day. Cell phones, text messaging, radio, TV, and other people can inundate and saturate us. With all these words bombarding us from all these sources, where does God fit in? If we are letting all these sources be our primary speakers, how could God ever get in a word edge wise?

In all of these words God’s word i the most important. We seek to see what he says about what everyone else is saying. His word is a command. It is full of meaning and calls us to take on a specific way of living. And what is God’s command? LIFE! God, in his word for us, demands that we choose decisions that will always draw us into greater life in him. His whole intention is for us to come to the fullness of life as we obey his command. We trust in God’s relentless command of life for us when Jesus says, “I have come that you may have life and have it to the overflowing.” (John 10:10)

Why do we so often rebel against that which we want most, life? Maybe it involves too much sacrifice, renunciation, serving or suffering. GK Chesterton said, “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried.” Yes, it is a given that following God is difficult. It is called the cross. But we must remember that, in our desire for the fullness of life, every word not in union with God’s word will disappoint. In staying true to God’s word, he will bring us through the cross to life, every word not in union with God’s word will disappoint. In staying true to God’s word, he will bring us through the cross to life following upon life.

In all the words that come to you each day, how important is it that you hear God’s word? Does his word rule and give direction to all the other words that are spoken to you? If you are not in the Bible I would say God’s word is not very important to you.

How can we grow in God’s word? While the Bible can seem so big and overwhelming like a Mt. Everest that does not mean that you cannot climb it. It all starts out with a step. We can learn about it through a Bible study and we can learn to pray with it more and more. Step by step each day, becoming more comfortable with the life Christ wants to reveal through it. We do not ever have it all “down” ad we just want to keep stepping into it as if we are climbing Everest.

In praying with the scriptures, seek a word. Instead of trying to find all the answers for all of time in just one sitting with the Bible, try to find just one thing that God is trying to teach you. Before you read the scripture, pray that the Holy Spirit reveals to you what God wants to show you. Then, take that teaching from God and live it. Keep your focus simple in that you just try to hear the one thing the Holy Spirit is teaching you each time you pray with the scriptures. Keep practicing this practice. The more you do it the better you become at hearing his voice. The Bible and its call to life has been found difficult and left untried. But, it has never been tried and found wanting.

You have a mountain to climb. Climb it!

God’s will!

+Fr. John



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